What is there to gain in this life regarding lessons and knowledge?

I was just thinking about it today and wondering what life’s lessons were.

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“Life is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterward.”

  • Vernon Law.

In my opinion, We are learning, and life is learning. But we have different lessons and knowledge to gain. As individuals, as species and as living existence evolving and improving and expressing itself and learning from itself about itself and teaching itself to know itself.

Just a theory :slight_smile:


What’s your opinion on relativism?


Relativism? “the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute”…

It has it’s place, specific to human relations, and a person’s cultural background will inform their occult experiences and how they feel about them and remember them - because we have to translate them into what our minds can understand, and we translate through the lens of our life experiences, which include our upbringing, social and cultural background.

I do believe there is an underlying mechanic, at least to this universe, macrocosmic and microcosmic, that has been described with different language but is the same for all beings. Since, language shapes your perspective very strongly, it’s one of the limitations of being human that we don’t easily understand something until we form language around it, descriptions can look wildly different, but they are trying to describe the same underlying truths.

If you’re talking about morality, I go by “Harm none but take no shit.” The definitions of ‘harm’ and ‘shit’ being debatable. I don’t think in black and white terms and these are also relative, but that’s a whole other topic.



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Whatever you make it be. Is it about game? About passion? About joy? Science? There really is a lot. You chose what you learn. In the end a lesson can only be learned for those willing too.


I think it’s logical, scientific and also spiritual… nothing is absolute. It allows growth and acceptance of the other, it welcomes and celebrates the opposite instead of rejecting it as false or a lie or work of the devil.

We suffered - and still does - from people who believe or declare that they’re the only guardians of the absolute truth. Sons of God, children of the most high… how many lives lost and nations perished by the hands of those who thought they have absolute truth? Only death can come out of that mentality.

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