What is the True Extent of What We Can Do to Ourselves? *Rant*

I have only recently joined this forum and do not post often. I have mostly read posts and used the search bar to look for what I want and answer my own questions. There is a question that I cannot seem to answer: what is the true extent of what we can do to ourselves? The way that I see some people going about changing parts of themselves or their lives (e.g. changing appearance, increasing intelligence, gaining skills) seems mostly like an experiment. No one really knows if those things can actually happen. Even though there are some that give suggestions, it is mostly presented in a way of “Here, try it.” This is starkly different to the way people talk about certain money spells or curses. Those either have to work or do not work. I do not see much about experimenting unless the poster has decided to experiment themselves. Is this because people are less likely to change things about themselves such as negative personality traits? Is it because people trust curses and money magick more?

What I want to know is: can we really change ourselves? A lot of the problems that we have in our lives might be better fixed by changing our thoughts and actions than changing the outside world. For example, if someone needs to make a lot of money, it may be easier to become skilled at a job that makes a lot of money (maybe a job on Wall Street or in tech at Silicon Valley). Wouldn’t it be easier for someone to use magick to become skilled at statistics and other subjects so that they could become a data scientist instead of maybe possibly making money from money spells on and off over the years? I do see people emphasize that a new job may be the best option in some cases but what then? Use more magick and hope you get a promotion or job offer? That again leaves things up to other people.

I am not good at writing or expressing myself. If this sounds rude, sorry. So, TLDR, my question is what we can do to change ourselves and, if so, why do we jump into using magick to control/entice others instead of molding ourselves so that you can get what you want?

Thank you.

How can we improve ourselves if we ourselves are the ones doing the improvement?

I have come to believe that we indeed hold all answers, but we just don’t remember them.

One thing that you must understand is that everything we do to communicate to one another is a snapshot of nature. One easy example is math; Math and all its applications is nothing more than language. I do not think there is any way to learn a new Language without practice.

What you CAN do, I think is make the connection of the inner answer to the Language part faster.
2 + 2 = 4, not because the numbers say so, but because in reality two of the same is double the same. We write numbers to express reality around us.

All your feelings make immediate connections, calculations and solutions thinking in another language that is not math. A clear example is balance, after all advances in Robotics that we have, few machines can really make the fast calculations needed to have balance. Yet a baby grabs a sense of balance pretty quick, without learning math. Get my point?

Magic to stimulate the feeling to Improve inner connections? Sure, but learning a new language, you just have to study.

But then again, I am also new here; so perhaps someone with more backbone can give you a more accurate suggestion?

Who better to improve us, at least if we are open to acknowledging our own faults and shortcomings?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

What is a word, or language, but a codified manner of expressing a concept or experience, material or abstract? In English the word “spell” in its two most common meanings (to spell a word, to cast a spell) each share the same root; similarly, grammar/grimoire have a common ancestor. Words have power and meaning in the way they are foundational to how we express our experience of life, and whether one thinks in words or merely in concepts and impressions, the effect is the same.

I think a great thing any person can do for themselves is to be aware of their words and their thoughts, which shape their experience of reality, and consciously work to change them if they are not in line with the life one would like to live or the experience one would like to have.

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You decide.

I mean, it basically is an experiment, but also, there has to be a certain element of faith (assumption, belief, conviction) in it. You can say no one “knows” it can happen, but I don’t think that’s really the right way to phrase it. Dedicate yourself to achieving something and persist in seeing it through to the outcome. If you “know” and are therefore convinced something is beyond your grasp to achieve, you have already locked yourself out of achieving it. Magic lets you bend reality and possibility to assist in achieving those goals.

Internal changes I imagine are a bit more achievable (especially if you are still building your conviction), but I don’t believe physical changes are impossible either. Our physical bodies are constantly changing, renewing, and rebuilding; all of this happens both beyond our control and beyond our perception, at a cellular level. Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes which gradually darken. A person’s hair changes from blonde or red or brown to grey over their lifespan. Teenagers have rapid growth spurts. Our bodies are always changing, but directed physical change is generally accepted to be outside the realm of possibility. If that can be unlearned, who knows? Try it :wink:

No one to change but self. If you read into the Law of Assumption, this is the very principle behind it. Recognise that our consciousness informs our reality; change the inner world and the outer will follow – “as above, so below”.

It would be “easier” in the sense of how the modern developed world functions, and also because, well… if you were stranded in the wilderness and needed a weapon to hunt for food, it would be far more sensible to pick up a stick off the ground and fashion it into a spear than it would be to sit down in the grass and pray for a gun to materialise in your hand. Or, continuing in the same vein of analogy, you could both make yourself a spear, but also cast out your intent that you’ll stumble across a rabbit caught in a poacher’s trap or a fish that’s randomly flung itself ashore. Magic needs something to work with; even those who have sudden and unexpected windfalls will come into the money in some coincidental but plausible way, such as a repaid loan, or an inheritance, or a sudden boost in sales, or a generous tip. It’s very unlikely you’re going to cast a money spell and then walk out your front door and trip over a suitcase brimming with unmarked $100 bills.

tl;dr Read some Neville Goddard or Joseph Murphy and be prepared to persist until you get what you want.

Yes. It is infinity times easier to change yourself instead of trying to influence outside forces that are not even always possible to influence. This is done mostly by meditation and living a healthy lifestyle all around. Affirmations and magick can help you change yourself greatly to be able to put yourself in more positive situations.

Yes, it is just that those are unpredictable. Hoping for a generous tip or a repaid loan is okay if you only want money once but most people don’t do a money spell once. They usually want more money over time. That is why I said hoping you get something with money spells seems ineffective to me since it would seem more effective to get a job or start a business doing something that consistently makes you more money instead of hoping something turns up. I don’t think people expect to walk out of their front door and find money but they do put a lot of hope in possible coincidences instead of working with what they have.

Why them? I am curious.

Because their focus is essentially “no one to change but self”, and they teach you to take your focus off the 3D world and turn towards your own subconscious mind to manifest material changes, whether it’s a change in yourself, your circumstances, other people, gaining wealth or obtaining items, and so on

Oh i can literally alter my abilities and skills. If i can,you can tbh

How I see it, is what the word represents. Sort of like the medal of the Sheriff when it is shown to somebody.
Words represent and summon the real power. Like a command passed down in writing, but the power is in the meaning and essence not in the scribble itself.

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