What is the significance of wells in the occult?

I remember watching an event on my grandma’s TV when I was very young, 22 now. I saw these women with brown and white face paint and black robes do something around a well. I think they were circling or dancing around it. A familiar building was filmed on camera, they definitely were at this park I went to a lot.


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They are generally viewed as portals to the chthonic underworld/spirit realm.


That reminds me of a ritual my teacher said sorcerors used to do way back in the tribal days of humanity:

She said they used to literally bury themselves alive temporarily in order to get i to the planet’s energy better to access the astral realm. Then Dream Sorcery became a thing and it only got more twisted from there. She said these practices were originally done out of a desire to be servicable to others, but became a practice that perverted to souls amd minds of those who practiced. It was not the freedom they expected.

Interesting stuff.



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