What is the secret of DEMON & GOD languages and their power with them?

Hi all,
yup I have a million weird ass questions, I am unsure if Demons and Gods actually speak with their tounges or their minds?
Also how they understand all the languages on the planet do they know how to speak Chinese [or any other language you wish to name] or do they just know what you are saying via ready the energy you have sent and reply back to you/me/us with the same style of energy and unbeknownst to us we convert back into our native tongue as we receive it?

I am learning Chinese for many reasons the culture, the food, the women lol, and future business opportunities. Also, like to learn, I feel it keeps the mind growing in some ways, but I have had a few issues as one would expect. So I spent a bit of time researching the hows, whys, whens and bullshit gurus involved in the best ways to learn, I believe that NO ONE ever learn’t their native language! It just popped in there little bits at a time as it was a gift, bullshit some will say but time and time again I read that people would say… “I just realized one day that I was speaking in perfect Chinese, it was so natural as I was thinking in Chinese as well, no translation just hearing in Chinese, thinking in Chinese, replying in Chinese” I found this repeated in every language so I feel that it is some kind of a gift.

If language is a gift is the learning just a prelude of torment and suffering we put ourselves through before we feel we are worthy of just excepting the gift? Then bingo we hear, think, and speak that language?

So if I am right and it is a gift somehow can this be given or released if it is already in our energy, past, or whatever by a Demon or God that we are working with? Will or are gifts given this way clean and free of energetic links or conditions?

Any ideas on which Demon, Spirit or God that would enjoy working in this area, or how I should go about finding out?

I would also like to learn a few other languages after Chinese I believe the old saying “You become another you for and with every language you speak as you absorb the culture” I figure one of these new me’s has to be a nice guy right? lmao.


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Think of something in your mind… anything… but don’t use any words at all. Resist any words that may come to your mind. Keep thinking about it for 5 minutes.

That’s their secret language.


Dam, I am guessing that is a really hard language to learn.
I was hoping that foreign [to me anyway] languages were a transferable skill so to speak. I have poor concentration and memory skills at the moment, but I will that challenge as well. Lucky I enjoy the time I spend learning it.

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They can’t transfer languages, but they can help you learn.


Pretty sure they communicate using information in general rather than just sound and body language.

What i mean is, they inject your mind with their message. Then it goes through your minds censor and is transliterated based on info that already exists within your mind. Thats why immersion is a key to invocation. So the magician could experience images, words, symbolic sounds. Its however your mind chooses to interpret it

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Cool! I will keep that in mind once I am the stage I feel ready to start with invocations, you make it sound like a merging or union of types. I could work with that without any real issues.

While from reading other peoples accounts elsewhere [not so much here] I was under the impression that it was a power struggle to control in some almost insane winner takes all competition crap. That I was not that interested in a great deal… I know the power present in some beings.