What is the real limit of magick?

Hey guys, how you’re doing? Hope it’s all good.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions here and on other places about the real limits of the magick. When we talk about it, some people say that magick should grant them whatever they want because is said that magick is “limitless”. Some people argue that magick should grant you a lottery win. Others say that magick should make that person fall in love whenever you want. And yes, magick can do this, but what about you?

Something that a lot of people misunderstood when we talk about magick is about power itself. Magick, as we say, is limitless and can reach whatever we want. But we… Well, we are humans after all. We have our own limitations, as we are attached to the physical realm.

That said, magick takes place when we work as well. Magick uses our intentions, our efforts, and our “beliefs”. When you do any operations, you limit your magick according to yourself. If you’re REALLY limitless, so also your magick will be. Obviously, we’re talking about the physical realm, the “real world” as we say, so magick will take place on that. We can’t ask to magickally start doing some “kame-hame-ha” (believe me, I wish we could), or to have a flying car instantly because we don’t even possess the technology to build one yet. Remember: magick takes place on “real world”.

But yes, magick can grant you a full lottery win. You really can make millions of dollar with magick. It is perfectly possible. But the truth is: you have what it takes to make it? And the short answer is: probably (like 99,9999%) not. And maybe never will…

As I said, magick use our intentions, efforts, emotions, and belief (not only that, but you understood). Well, you obviously have the intention as the first step to do any magick. Maybe you can make the necessary effort to do everything is possible to bring that change on the “real world”. But I assure you: you don’t believe at all that you can make millions from nothing. No one does. And if you truly don’t believe, you can’t make it real.

And that is simple: we are humans. We limit ourselves. We are always looking for probabilities, studying numbers and numbers in order to accomplish things. I’m not saying that is wrong, but we grow everyday limiting ourselves according to our thinking of what is really possible. It’s an evolutionary process and we can’t deny it. And, as said before, magick works based on our beliefs.

“So Isamo, it is possible to change these beliefs”? Yes, surely you can. But it’ll take a lot of effort and it’ll change all your perception of your surroundings. That explains why people who REALLY can control their beliefs in order to accomplish most anything they want don’t really care about being a millionaire or getting that specific girl, for example. As you grow, your whole perception of the world changes. And changes a lot.

That said, in order to accomplish the impossible you have to be stronger than it. That’s possible, but demands a lot of time, incredible self-control and too much work. And maybe you still can’t reach that point. So, what’s the point of doing magick if I can’t get what I want? That gets us to the second topic: work on your own bases!

As a human, you probably think that is impossible to fully win on a lottery. But it’s perfectly possible to get $1000,00 on sales, for example. Also is possible to multiply your incomings by doing great investments. So, if you do an operation to get this $1000,00, and after that you do another to multiply, for example, this $1000,00 for 5 times by doing the best investment you can, and study how to do that, you’ll probably end with $5000,00. And if you invest this in your store, growing it, ask again for great sales and after that ask for another great idea of investment, you’ll keep growing that money. Within no time, you’ll go from $1000,00 to that 1 million. Why that? Because you worked with the plausible but just out of the reach. You used strategy to make more and more using magick. You didn’t push the limits too far from “reality”, from your beliefs. And that’s why your magick, in the end, has worked.

So be smart. Don’t doubt about your magick skills because you can’t achieve that 1 million from the lottery. Most of use (again, like 99,9999%) can’t. Start using magick to do few things, plausible ones, and it’s better if in the beginning you even work on things that you don’t really need. It turns smoothly too simple to let things go. And as you achieve things, you’ll become more and more attached to magick and will start to see it as a real thing. You’ll start to feel more inclined to achieve more and that will work on your beliefs, expanding it. And when you see, you’ll be making the impossible, possible.

So please, stop with that “magick doesn’t exist because I don’t see any magician millionaire”. Start doing magick by yourself, with little, unimportant things. Grow as your magick grows. As you get experience, try to “level up” always. Maybe it takes a few months, maybe some years, but when you see you’ll be doing incredible things just as easy as eating chocolates.

Everyone loves chocolates. But if you don’t, imagine bacon. If you don’t like bacon too, well, then you have a problem, and I believe that magick can’t help you with that one…