What is the purpose of this icon on the BALG forum?

What’s good Wonderfull person, how you doing?
i hope you doing great, because you are great!

i came across this icon its before a title of a topic.
i guess it means the topic is hidden?

thanks! and stay blessed!


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Unlisted, I think it means. It can only be found with a link?

Not sure.

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It means that the thread is unlisted if I recall right. It would not appear to the public forum unless the user had already replied to it


thanks my dude’s what would be a reason for it?

It could be unlisted for several different reasons.

Main reasons for the thread to go unlisted usually are :

  1. drama
  2. arguments

it is also unlisted so that no further action would be required and everything would go back to the way it was, normal and chill.



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well in this case there was no drama or augment.
there was not even people with different opinions.

i can not post this link, because it is unlisted for a reason of course. and i dont want trouble with the person that made the choice to unlist it.

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the icon you mean, is for hiding your profile.

It’s in your preferences / editing menu, isn’t it?



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no Yberion, the icon is at the beginning of a title of a topic. where normally the first letter begins

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thanks for clarifying,

sorry for my false assumption.

Yes, unlisting then.



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That would probably be me, so please PM me the link (it should show for me) and I’ll explain, I aim for transparency and don’t bite people’s heads off just for asking. :+1: