What is the purpose of Scanning?

What is the purpose of scanning? I’ve looked through the threads and I see people offering to scan people curious as to the purpose of it and if one can pick up if someone was sick as in disease cancer or something serious like that?

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Most scanning is just to get a sense of someone’s energy. It doesn’t generally go deeper than that, though some, like @telgega do specialise in medical scanning.

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How can someone get scanned by someone else

It’s a form of distance sensing. You do it the same way you would for someone standing in front of you, though generally it is done via a link if they are distant, like someone’s username or photograph.

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I do it using the text or username. Sometimes even the profile photo as people tend to use pictures/photos that have some sort of meaning to them.

Ok thanks I’ve seen threads about it before I’m interested in getting it done just wanted to ask experienced people about it

Have you done it alot and do you do it for people here?

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I’ve had alot of practice but I’m no expert.

I usually kinda focus in on the text/name/picture the way you would say a sigil - while trying to keep a clear mind. Usually I’ll feel their energy too and focus in on that as well. Then I simply observe passively and take note of what feelings, images, words, colors, etc come to me - and report them.

Ok thanks I’m interested in getting it done myself

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Well I would practice - you can scan/sense yourself too.

I’m pretty new trying to learn to meditate and open my astral senses but not having much luck

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Well your senses are always open, they are like muscles - you can’t do much unless you work them out and maintain them. It is something that takes practice.

But also keep in mind that your mind can create blocks from doubt, programming, feeling discouraged, etc THAT can make it harder to sense things. However you mentioned that your new - so give it time.


i can do it

Ok thank you

hey I hope you don’t mid, I changed the title, I thought this was a scanning thread and I dont want others to get confused

No problem bud just was curious about it as I’ve heard people talk about it before and am interested in possibly getting it done and or learning how to do it

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hehe me to i am, I would like to learn scanning in the future.
After I learn to use my tarot deck and my pendulum

To assess the health of one’s spiritual body, to understand the state their energy is in, and for the few who can go deeper in scans to see what the person’s soul is and how it appears, among other things. Scanning has a wide variety of uses depending on where the person chooses to take it, some do medical scanning, some do energy scans, some scan objects and surroundings, others do soul scans, etc.

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Ah that reminds me, I’m due to for my next medical scan check-up! Jk.

But yep agree with the above :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m mostly trying to learn to scan in general and really just use it for whatever I can.