What is the origin of the first evocation ever...?

Hello Forum! This question may be a repeat of a previous question or topic thread, and if so my apologies. It is a pretty broad question that may require extensive research and/or telepathic communication, which is why I gave up trying to see if I was treading on already explored territory.

What is the origin of the very first Demonic Evocation, and what were the circumstances? Was it Solomon? If so, why did he use the names of God? If so, how did he know what to do, and what was his motivation? What made he himself (Solomon) even think to do the opposite of any person of Magickal power in the bible? Most everyone else as far as I recall in the bible (never read the entire thing from front to back) were exorcising and expelling demons from people. They were not invoking or doing evocation, and when people not in the bible did it hundreds of years ago, they needed to use names of God. What makes us different today? How come we have the ability to communicate telepathically with a demonic entity, or even experience a full manifestation these days? Again, if this is a repeat of an old topic, I implore the moderators to feel free to incorporate or merge this where it is appropriate. Thank you for any feedback.

I remember reading that there is an actual manuscript that the angels gave to Adam so technically that was the first evocation. And the very first demonic evocation was also by Adam I believe, it may have been by Eve seeing that she was the first to eat the fruit I think. I say this because I know that Lilith and Naamah visited Adam after he separated from Eve for 130 years. I guess that counts.

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That’s only if you believe in the Bible, and not the civilisations that have completely different creation myths. :thinking:

First evocation was probably a hunter trying to connect with his prey, think of how focused a cat gets on a mouse, or a lioness on a deer…


According to some manuscripts, she was Adam’s first wife…


I used to research the goetia a lot, so I am trying to remember from the top of my head. The story of Alladin he rubs the lamp and a genni grants him wishes. I think it goes back to ancient Persia, perhaps King Solomon, which I think is ancient Israel, ancient Arabic countries which were far different before Islam. Perhaps Mesopotamia.
I forgot to mention there is information in the lesser keys of solomon about that and perhaps Greece, so most of its origins seem to be the ancient middle east and Mediterranean


@Danizeil87 If we go by the definition that a Demon is simply a benevolent Spirit of immense power then the first Demonic evocation can be traced back to who knows when in the tales of some of the most ancient civilizations. Honestly, it’s impossible to know for sure without some serious work with divination, soul travel, evocation etc. The Spirits probably know but as far as historical documentation goes I think it can be assumed that the practice is as old as civillization itself.

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Only because they were stupid. The only reason they “needed” to use Godnames was because they were incompetent, idiotic human garbage. It’s a perversion of what has been done for centuries if not millennia before that and shouldn’t be taken as how things should be done.

It’s not like every single Taoist sage of any decent degree of competency since the beginning of who knows when couldn’t do it.

Go back through the Greek myths and count the number of times when the Gods and Godesses manifest in full physical form. If anything, it was A LOT more prevalent back in the day.

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Great topic but this is one of those questions full of "if’s " ,many will base answers based on their own mythology beliefs but in some African texts their is proof of civilisations predating king Solomon who evoked beings but still its hard to pin them as the first to do so . But true recorded events with tangible proof maybe king Solomon and his works with supernatural beings ,because patterns ,procedures and workings were recorded based on practical experience .