What is the one spell you would do before dying?

If you only had 1 day left on this earth and could do the riskiest spellwork for the biggest gains, what would you do?

Edit: I mean , what if you were put in a position of absolute desperation such in that position you only had 1 day left. What spellwork would you try and do to break out of it? For example perhaps awaiting execution the next day.

Summoning all four cardinal demon kings at once, make an allegiance with them, so when I reincarnate I start with their gifts


A ritual to take another body as my own.


If I had one day left to live, i would go jump out of an airplane and use that time of perfect joy to walk right over the veil and never be seen again. Does that count?

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does it even exist? and what about the karmic repercussions?

Why would you not try to extend your life?

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Meh.[quote=“Memoriaimpetus, post:5, topic:14178”]
does it even exist?

Really it’d be me astral projecting and permanently possessing someone.

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not sure what you mean by walk over the veil. how do you even do that consciously :stuck_out_tongue:

What happens to the original soul?

It gets booted.

Essentially it “Dies”?

No. It just gets kicked out of the body.

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yeah exactly right? when you die the spirit leaves the body.

The body not the spirit.

I believe that if someone tries to extend their own life they become less human and more “something else”. I feel like death magic and life extension is a very sensitive balance between keeping your humanity so to speak and becoming some form of darker entity. Just my opinion, not based on anything except some vague ideas.


Ok say you were to kick me out now. Where would I be?

Somewhere in the astral till I leave your body.

I mean, i would allow my physical body to dissociate, essentially disintegrate, and my intangible self would soul travel out yonderways. Of course you can do it consciously, its like soul travel but you never come back

@Nagathex In Taoism, the process of immortality includes creating an astral body of light and then causing your soul to dwell in it.


Well me personally I have not seen the after life and if there is none I can’t not perceive the world as it is. So with me being a man of chaos I would evoke as many entities as I can, sending them to random people for the sole purpose to help them unlock themselves and discover the true power they have locked within them.