What is the number 66

I was thinking this morning after being new to this forum and seeing there is so much more knowledge and resources out there than I ever imagined before I was lead to this site I was unaware of… with that said
This morning I was driving to work thinking " do I have the power to connect with the other side in the demons world… as I have done some simple spells but nothing that would be calling upon demons to be taught by them, for success, beauty, love etc. I get to my work and I’m looking at my phone reading an arrival about summoning and thinking to myself. Who would I call upon to be excessively beautiful, or to be successful and wealthy. My phone dimmed now I put this out to my battery running low but than 66 came before my eyes. I thought maybe it’s the time but thought that’s impossible so I pushed my phone up again to try and turn the light up and again the 66… after that nothing. So I ask you? What am I to know about 66? Is it a symbol of something? What should I do with it? Thanks and much love.

It’s the number of the demons

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I see 66 everyday, many times: cell battery, plate number…
I think it’s means demons are with you.

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65 + 1

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6+6=12 1+2= 3… 3 represents mind body and spirit.

Double numbers are amplified versions of the singular number. Triplicate numbers signify something different.