What is the most powerful grimoire centered upon the worship and workings of Lucifer?

looking for suggestions on my next book purchase.


I like “Rites of Lucifer”-Temple of Ascending Flame


What was suggested above :point_up_2:along with: Awakening Lucifer by the same author and founder of - The Temple of Ascending Flame.

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The most powerful grimoire is the one you write yourself. This entire program of the LHP is about individualism. In the end it’s all about your relationship with your divine experience, your spiritual journey. It’s perfectly fine to take notes out of other people’s books and to read and study the insights of those that have advanced themselves but ultimately it’s your life and only you can live it.


I must first say that Lucifer does not want your worship. He wants to work with you, to share in your desires and help to make them a reality. If you want to worship something and be told what to do with your life, go to church this Sunday.

Now with that being said, I personally use Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. I have read the Temple of Ascending Flame books mentioned, and they are interesting as well, should you want to read widely on this subject.

One reason for my preference is that I prefer the Pathworking style of summoning over bloodletting. I understand that, for some, pain can be the sensation that allows them entry into magick. I work better with emotion and visualization, so I use the Pathworkings instead. I also have concerns about the sustainability of practices that involve bloodletting.

In case you are curious, another book to look into is The Book of Abramelin by Abraham von Worms. I suggest the 2015 translation and edit by George Dehn and Steven Guth, as it most accurately represents the German source materials (much better so than the original Mathers translation, though apparently at no fault to Mathers).

This last book I would look into after reading some of the more modern works on this subject, as the source material can be rather cryptic and misleading. Thankfully, many highly skilled and knowledgable occultists today are sharing magickal systems that took decades to develop. Much of the research has been done to allow us entry into the practical work, something I think we often take for granted in this day and age.

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Hey Shinri,

LHD also echoes the above - is this statement also something you’ve experienced first-hand ?

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Sorry, but who/what is LHD?

And yes, this is something I have experienced. It also extends beyond just my working relationship with Lucifer, and into my general day-to-day mindset as well. I was never exactly a fan of being inside of power structures where others have authority over me, and working with Lucifer seems to have, if not amplified, at least reinforced this attitude within me. Of course, this is still necessary to a degree, but I do what I can to position myself in life such that this is minimized.

This also influences the style of the results that the magick provides me. The wisdom that Lucifer bestows does not feel like council coming from one who serves me, as it does with the Goetia, but advice coming from a friend. I can understand why one would prefer the former with their magick, but personally the latter suits me better.

Thanks Shinri for sharing your personal experience with Lucifer.

p.s. LHD - Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book.