What is the most interesting "What was I thinking" moment in magick you had?

This is a place to share our, “what was I thinking”, funny, palm to your face, embarrassing moments in magick you have done.

I’ll start.

The most “what was I thinking”, embarrassing moment for me would have to be when I first started practicing and tried resin insence for the first time.

I went to the local New Age shop, at the time was run by an old friend of the family, but an employee I didn’t know was working there that day. I had gotten a book on magick there about a week earlier and it had suggested I get my hands on some insents to help with meditation and listed a few inexpensive ones I could get.

So I go to the shop. Chat with the employee for a bit. Get a burner, sand and a hand full of resin insents (there was a sale). Take them to the counter, the employee asks if I found everything I was looking for I told him I had (understand, I had told him I was new to magick). He rings me out, puts my stuff in a bag and I walk the few blocks home.

Back in my apartment, my roommate hanging out in his room, I pull out the supplies I just bought. I set up the burner with the sand in it put a small muond of the insents in the center of it, open my book to the chapter on meditation. I read through the steps a few times.

So then I am ready to start. I take the lid off the burner and light the insents. They light easily, I wait a few seconds and blow them out… No smoke. I think ok these must work differently then the sticks. So I light them up again. I let them burn for a moment, they start to give off a little bit of black smoke. I think ok maybe it will clear up and start to burn cleaner in a few moments, so I start my meditation.

About five minutes in, all the smoke detectors in the apartment go off. My eyes pop open and everything is foged by a blue smoke. My roommate comes running out his room to see what was going on and immediately starts to panick. I smother the flame and try to get fress air to the detectors, no luck. So we open every door and window in the apartment. Smoke lingers out. So here I am out side looking like I just blazed it up inside. Took a good hour for the smoke to clear.

A few days later I go back to the shop. The ouner I know is working this time. I fill her in on what happed. She gets a kick out of it and then tells me the guy should have sold me a thing of brickets and let me know how to use them, knowing I was still learing.

Well for all my trouble, I got a free pack of brickets, so I guess that’s a plus! LMAO!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Calling the goetic kings deadbeats. Shit got real quickly.


That would do it.


Tried to undermine Isis by offering their murders to Isis as the killings were already being carried out under ‘her name’, after all, right???


She was horrified…

(Though part of me still thinks it’s her loss…)


That is definitely an interesting one.


When I was really young and just touching on magic, I did a wish fulfillment spell for two jocks that wanted me to prove my witchiness. They never told me their wishes but I worked on it for a week with knot magic, etc. After that week was up, one of the jocks approached me with an incredulous look on his face and told me that he had wanted to be the fastest guy on the track team…and that Friday morning, the team was informed that their best runner had fallen sick and wouldn’t be able to finish the season. The jock I was working with had been the second best on the team until that moment. The other jock got freaked out and never spoke to me again. I still don’t know what he had wanted or if he got it.

That was a face palm because I didn’t mean to make anyone sick, and I was taught the lesson about how magic takes the path of least resistance to meet it’s goal if it’s not skillfully directed.


One of my first performed rituals. I did a middle fillar ritual, because "let’s see what will be happen"
After one ritual done and “Nothing? Let’s do a few more times…”. After six times in a row and one hour i felt like my bones would be detached from each other.


I summoned/created a star vampire and sent it after a rival in high school. It wiped out three of his friends and a car because he changed his mind about going with them somewhere that night but the entity had already discharged its attack on the car.
That was the week I learned that breed of star vampire is not that bright. Powerful but kind of stupid. I basically hit everything but him.

Also pitting two gods of the same powers against each other in a competition. It got very out of hand as they tried out doing each other.


Oh my, that does sound like it would get out of hand.

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Overloaded my third eye the other night -.-"

In the middle of empowering it I nearly passed out. My brain felt like it was being fried, my eyes began crossing, and my vision blurred and swirled.


If this was any other place I would say it sounds like you got some bad shooms man. Lol

But seriously, I didn’t know you could do that. I haven’t tried doing much or opening my third eye because I tend to see some stuff already and just not shur if I am ready to take that step. I seem to be getting along ok with the abilities I was born with so far.


Oh yeah it fucking sucks… Have a head ache constantly now.

And yeah if there is more energy concentrated than your body can process it can have some interesting effects. Plus I absolutely blasted my third eye so


I told one of my friends inschool that she was going to get so sick that she wouldnt be able to walk up the stairs in the front of the building. The next day she passed out climbing the steps and waas sent to the hospital for a week. I learned then never let people in mississippi know what i can do. I was called in the office and accused of being a witch lol. The friend is fine. The situation was reminiscent of salem except they actually wanted to burn a real witch this time lol.


Damn. Deep South is still overly religious?


Shit … I guess I won’t wear my upright pentagram necklace or the goat face pentagram necklace outside.


Not really at least not here where I am


I was seeing sunspots and had a slight headache after petitioning Lucifer.


Drawing runes got me in that same situation and that was before I started practicing. Lol

Small country towns in NY, yeahy! :roll_eyes:


I threw a simple curse with a lot of energy to someone that I despise and I was really angry at. I was not thinking that it will work or how it should work, I just felt right doing it this way. But I was in no way in contact with the person !! So I released this anger and after a month, she told me that she was in a terrible accident, and it was during the time of the ritual. She showed me pictures of the car and I was shocked !!

She said she thought she would die and all she could do was think of me lol, kind of regretting why she fucked with me and is not with me in safety instead !

I did the same curse a few weeks ago, and I don’t want to know what happened but I just know that I can’t throw this around for fun or anything else but serious intention and at this point there is no one that I want to harm with magick !


Called Belial a bitch

Luckily he found it funny and me and him call each other bitches :joy: