What is the most efficient way to build ones magickal power?

What the title says. Thoughts anyone?

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There are numerous ways here’s the list.

  1. Godform assumption
  2. Accessing ancestry power
  3. Demonic Possession
  4. Power meditations
  5. Invocation of power
  6. Internal Alchemy
  7. Empowerment rites
  8. Energy Work
  9. Tantra
  10. Kundalini work
  11. Yoga
  12. Vampyrism
  13. Grounding power in your physical body via yogic asanas
  14. Connect to your guides
  15. Unite all aspects of self
  16. Connect to all higherselves
  17. Invitations into many magickal pathworkings
  18. Spiritual rebirth
  19. Merging with the source and instead of dissolving yourself become it, then once the vibrations of your soul body have reached critical mass condense that power back into your body
  20. Connecting to your godform
  21. Connecting to your animal spirit

There are many other ways but these are some of the top.


What do you think of the idea of absorbing stored energy from crystals? Is that possible? To program a crystal to absorb as much energy as it can hold and drain it from the crystal into yourself?

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Yeah i’ve done it it’s possible that’s simple energy though with certain properties depending on the crystal.

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The answer, in short is Medi-Fucking-Tation !!!

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Before I begin, consider the following: Why do you feel the need for greater magickal power?

When magick doesn’t work as fast or as well as we want it to, it can be rather frustrating. After all, I went through all this trouble of finding the right spirit, preparing, and performing the ritual, so where’s my result? There are many reasons why magick doesn’t always work out quite like we intended, and exploring these reasons in more detail will help us to understand why it doesn’t always work exactly as we thought it would, or even at all, in some cases.

Whenever this happens to me, the first thing I always ask myself is, “Did I ask for what I truly want?” Did I take the time to sit down and contemplate my desire before diving into the ritual? What is my desire, and why do I want it? Is this what I truly want, or is there something else, buried underneath the surface, waiting to be discovered?

Most of the time, there is really no need for anymore power. Call upon a mighty angel or demon, with good ritual methods and clear focus, and the forces of reality shift easily according to your desires. You are calling forth immense power with even the simplest of rituals, so why did this power not flow quite how you wanted?

It could be said that, oftentimes, the spirits know you better than you know yourself. While you may think that you want something, take a closer look at your desires, and you may find that you didn’t really want that at all. An apparent need for sex may be obscuring a deeper need for love. That career you’ve always dreamed of having may not be your dream at all, but dreams implanted in you by society or your surroundings.

My suggestion, then, is not to seek more power per se, but to seek to know yourself. When you know what you truly want, when you can see your True Will glowing within you, you bring this clarity of desire into your magick, and the spirits respond to your genuine needs and desires.

But maybe you do know yourself, and you know what you want. If that is the case, then I would advise patience. The more patient you are, the quicker your results will come to you. If you can feel that you wouldn’t mind if your result took a year to manifest, then it will come to you much, much faster than if you constantly pace about, wondering why the spirits haven’t brought you what you want.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to wait an entire year, as thankfully magick works rather quickly most of the time. What it means, though, is that after the ritual, you need to trust in the magick. Trust that the spirits are working on your behalf to shift time and space such that you can have what you desire. By worrying about your results, you choke up the magick.

Give the magick room to breathe, and it will flow into your reality splendidly.


By actually doing Magick. Not reading. Doing!



Concentrated, and stored, attention. It’s how energy roads are made. :slight_smile:

Vamping now
Am goddess now no chakras now
Still not allowed to fight
Would rather continue spirit fucking but that’s like I have suddenly got an appetite I never had when human.

OK well I better get back to getting my power back

Everyday is a training day, everything and anything you encounter in life is an opportunity for practice, to enhance your skills and improve your results.

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1 can of spinach a day. :muscle: