What is the most effective way to work through Evoking Eternity?

I purchased the digital version of Evoking Eternity almost 4 years ago now. I read a few chapters of it then put it away since then. I just had more concerning things to do in my life but now I find myself in need of it. My interest in magick as a whole has also grown and I want to explore it as well. So I’ve decided to work through it all the way.

My question is should it be worked linearly?

Is there a particular chapter order that is best?

Any advice in general?

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@DarkestKnight may be able to give you some advice here, he has a pretty good knowledge of this book I think.

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If I were you, I would work through the book chapter by chapter because it starts with basic exercises like Invoking Omnipotence, and then moves on to exercises to help see and hear spirits, before getting into evocation proper.

However, that does not mean there is no magick for you to do as you practice and work up to evocation. Try this: