What is the method and step applied to evoke Goetia?

Please can someone give me the details of methods and steps involved in evoking Goetia ?

Read the Goetia

Are you for real, mate?

Are you for real, mate?[/quote]

Please send me the link

Sit on the toilet and chant the power word “Bazinga!”, while you shit. Then look in the toilet like in a black mirror and you’ll see the demons.

Or more appropriately while chanting ‘Belphegor’…Because the OP is already showing signs of the personal attributes that are appealing to this demon. :wink: And he or she would be sitting in the right place, as you suggested.

(I’m joking, but I’m also serious, by the way Inquirer. If you can be bothered to do some research instead of insisting on everything being provided for you, you might discover a starting point. :slight_smile:

Print the sigil of any demon you want, seat in the quiet place, lit the candle, gaze at the seal and start talking loudly “XXX come, o spirit XXX come and give a lesson” do it as long as you will feel something is around. When you will fell that something is aroung, tell him once again “give me the lesson please, a lit a candle for you”, say him thank you for coming and tell him politely he can go. hope will be still alive after two weeks, not being homeless and lonely :wink:

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