What is the meaning of this?

So in a month I’m moving to another residence. Today I stopped to see the place. And noticed at the basement door area what looked to be a white cats skull was placed in the corner. No other bones. I don’t know anyone in the neighborhood, or general area. Is it a sign of some sort welcoming me to this new place? Or something else?

Is the house currently lived in ? It could be that the current ( or previous ) owners practiced magic.
It could be a spiritual force influencing someone to put it there as a kind of greeting to you… but I find that harder to believe. You’d likely have felt such and influential spirit the moment you walked into the house.
Edit: After a bit of a Google I’ve found some stuff on using dried cats as a good luck charm. Noting on skulls though… They could just be superstitious?

That is an odd place for it. Finding the skull in some brush in your yard would be one thing, but on your porch step does seem intentional.

The home was vacant for sometime but I’m sure the skull was it there a week earlier.

The house has been vacant for sometime. I’m certain the skull was not there a week or so earlier.