What is the Mauve-Zone exactly & how to reach it?

Kenneth Grant wrote the book ‘Beyond the Mauve-Zone’. Now I read it’s a state beyond being awake and sleeping. What do you know further about the Mauve-Zone?

Sounds like Theta Gamma state.

Most people here will not have read or be able to get hold of that book. I haven’t. If you’re going to post about obscure techniques, it would be helpful if you explained it more.

I did not read the book.
I sought for somebody who had.

Crowley wrote somewhere (with other words than I am going to remember now) about visions that were seen in a purplish (or thus mauve) haze. I can only recall that at the moment and have no idea where to look for the exact quote.
But since Grant was a student of Crowley I think they refer to the same state.

From what Ive understood its basicly related to the Astral plane of Daath and the entrances to the tunnels of Set. The methods to achive it are partly laid out in the book and one is sexual magic. It comes with a warning in regards for it.
To me it seems like something you have to reach yourself with a little tutoring.

I don’t know anything about sexual magick.
What is it about?

Sexual magic is used in energy workings, pacts etc.
Humans realese energy during sex and this energy can be used for various purposes. Including reaching certain states of awareness.
But honestly, if you dont know what sexual magic is or how to use it you wont be able to use it.
Grants books are in many aspects powerfull grimoires and require a certain level of understanding.

I would need a work about sexual magic to read.
Could you recommend something?

Asenath masons “Draconian ritual book” is a good begining .
For an example of a sexual magic working read “Moonchild” by Crowley

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I think I almost got there when I tried to do telekinesis. Maybe I should put some more time into it. (I would say effort, but I heard that doesn’t help.