What is the Leviathan spread specifically for?

So for the Leviathan spread is it for connecting to him only or can I use it for whatever reason?

I never heard about this spread. Where did you find it?


It’s a spread made by Bill Duvendack and Asenath Mason that went along with their tarot deck. I do not know what it is used for I know just it is something they introduced.


It’s a exclusive only to the Oraculum Leviathan book by Asenath Mason and bill Duvendack

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Test it and find out.

But what else would you want to find out with it if it’s a specific spread?

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Well actually read the book but I’m not really sure when you would want to use that spread. I assumed it was for connecting to Leviathan himself but I’m not sure, So I’ve just been using the basic spread.

But that’s confusing for me… or maybe I just don’t get it :sweat_smile::smile:
But usually a specific thread tells you what you would want to find out with it!?
Like in the leviathan spread there should me an explanation for the positions?

OOHH! Nevermind I was overlooking something. Yes it says in the book you connect w/ him…I think.