What is the greatest thing that can be done with magick?

i just want to know what is the greatest thing that can be done with magick ?
and please if you can share with us the greatest thing you have done ?

Becoming in charge of your life, and seeing things in it as fun challenges and toys to play with instead of being a disempowered object, bobbing haplessly in a kind of ocean of other objects, battered by random tides and forces over which you have no control.

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I could not expect a better answer!

end of course, destroy the world.

That shit needed a bluescreen reset!

Luckily, we hav ze powah.


The most powerful act of magick is to transform yourself. Summoning demons, projecting your soul or performing astral travel are all super useful, but it takes an even more powerful and disciplined mind to transform yourself. So no fireballs or re-animating the dead unfortunately. We don’t need fireballs and the dead should stay dead. Psychokinesis (AdamToth) work however, that’s ground breaking stuff, but doesn’t fall into what we normally consider magick.

Most forms of spellcasting wind up transforming the caster to a degree. Cursing, Invocation, Money, Healing … it all transforms you. Spells start and end with YOU.

… or what Lady Eva said. Yeah. What she said.

Yeah screw what I said, Lady Eva said it better. :wink:

I’m just all “blah blah blah, tldr” today. My life is chaotic thanks to successful workings that lead to job opportunities. Sorry.

For me, the hope of being able to manipulate other people’s free wills and to bring me opportunities of true wealth is why I practice magick. That is my “highest good”.

Resurrect the dead, either by words or deed.

The greatest? I haven’t hit that yet 'cuz I’m yet to raise a dead man. But first thing i ever did in my life that looks great to me happened the night i needed a nano sim on my Samsung Galaxy 3, but I have a micro sim. So I was trimming the sim into nano shape, then the blade cut of half of the head of my index finger with the nail.

I didn’t even realized what happened, i saw that parr turned white…then something reddish began to show there. What’s this? I said. Then saw the part of my finger that was cut off…then it started bleeding.

I tried all I could to stop it, but it won’t stop. Then I whispered some words at it, as i have been taught by this angels, and it instantly stop bleeding, looks fine but didn’t heal up that instant.

That looked great to me then but not anymore. Cuz more greater thing has been done.