What is the easiest way to evoke lucifer?

Would a lucifer sigil and some blood be efficient or is there more to it?. Thanks

Face his direction. Get candles of his association. Decorate your area with things that remind you of him. Then start chanting Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer. While you are doing so gaze at the sigil until it starts to move. Once the sigil is charged you visualize his sigil in your mind and just start chanting over and over… Do this until you are in a deep trance.


What is his direction? And what candles of his association?. Also does chant sound how it’s written?. Also what does it mean?. Thanks

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If you want to evoke him you have to do research. Start with Google and then use balg search. There is no easy way unless you’ve evoked him previously jmo