What is the difference between evoking and traveling to an entities realm?

I am just getting into evocation and I notice I have an easier time soul traveling to an entities astral realm/kingdom and working stuff out with them there.

What is the difference between calling up a spirit and visiting it? Is there safety issues? I notice I can communicate and see the spirit easily when I soul travel but i barely get whispers and shadows when i evoke.

Should i practice evoking more to get a comparable effect or is visiting going to get the same results?

Use whatever is best for you. Just be safe and have good spirits watching your body and protecting you.

Yes, I concur with Euoi here because in the end the means does not matter as long as the result desired is gained. In both cases the spirit descends to meet you and you ascend to meet the spirit I suppose. It is almost like different “polarities” within the cross roads.

Meh… interesting question really. I would like to hear others thoughts on this. I know within the Book of Azazel the spirits pointed out their own desire to tear through the veil and come into this realm. Therefore it may be the spirits who can possibly benefit as we can become gateways for their power to be exercised here. I will contemplate this and comment again later.

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I haven’t got round to listening to the BoA audio yet but this agrees substantially with my own UPG and also with the prophecy I was given several years ago, when my focus was still on being a white-light healer and very RHP.

That prophecy was, in short, that the prison walls are about to fall, MUST fall in fact, and that the lock created on human evolution can be broken (again, UPG alert, that it has now been broken) and the old order of huddled masses fearfully worshipping one god in the hopes it won’t smite them was a deplorably unnatural state of affairs which the spirits - gods, demons, and yes, even to some extent angels - were working subtly to undermine, hampered by the fact they can’t usually violate free will nor acquire human help if most people are afraid of them, as people often are with demons etc.

In my experience, both evocation and soul-travel will tear at that veil (more like prison wall) just a little bit, both are useful, and the best results are attained via combining the two - eyes-open “soul travel” in which you perceive and overlay the spirit realms onto this one, and can interact, through created portals, with the beings within them.

Human fear and the desire to do the right thing (blocking out “evil fallen spirits” etc) have fed into this enslavement, and human confidence and self-belief, and the desire to take personal power to its utmost, are the forces that can break it apart.

So yes, in one way, demons (among others) really ARE working 24/7 to try and get humans to change their ways - but not for the reasons popularly believed… not by a very long way.

They’ve mostly had to work with what human material they could get, which very often was some guy summoning up “ye divil” in delusional hopes of fame and glory, but with the sane and balanced mass of humanity steadfastly blocking them out, I guess you work with what you have and just hope at some point it reaches a tipping-point.

Anyway, since last year I’ve been working to create portals like that in my own Temple (and by “working,” I mean with a LOT of help from spirits) and it was also partially the aim behind my demonic Child, about whom I’ve been mostly silent since his birth because he’s busy out in the world doing things related to this, and also fulfilling other goals I set for him.

It’s like you’re reading my mind, lol. I’ve believed for some time that it’s our birthright to commune with the world of spirit. In fact, it’s a necessity for breaking the cycle of rebirth and moving on to what’s next, whatever that may be. Religion’s agenda has always been for religion’s benefit, not ours. I say, let the walls fall and crumble to dust.

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I’m drafting a big-ass post about this, should get it online in the next day or so - I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts if you have any once it’s done! :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a dump of UPG so any other perceptions welcome, because a lot of it’s about how we each run our own reality, but can bring them into synch when necessary… and stuff like that.

I’m looking forward to it, and I’m flattered and humbled that you ask for my input. And apologies to the OP if I’ve derailed or high jacked the thread.