What is the best way to start practicing magick

How and what can y’all advice me on what or where to start when practicing magick.
What books to start with that can help me start on my journey?


Meditate. You need to learn to quiet and control your mind. The Elements of Spellcrafting by Jason Miller is an excellent guide for beginners. I read it a couple times when I was starting.


@anon2103588 thank you very much I appreciate your response.



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Learn to shield, banish and ward. As well as cleanse


Where to start would entirely depend on what your strengths and weaknesses are, your personal preferences and what you’re personally drawn too.
Most people would suggest meditation, cleansing, shielding etc. However, it depends entirely on yourself.
Without the basic idea of direction, it’s a little hard to give proper direct advice.
If I were to be cheeky, waking up in the morning and having a stretch after and then a coffee, but once again, that’s a personal thing.


About books, for example Kraig’s Modern Magick, E. A. Koetting’s BALG ebook or Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis. Israel Regardie and Eric Koetting agree on divination as a possible starting point (followed, from Regardie’s point of view, by talismans). Some reasons are that in this way it’s possible to know astrology which may then be observed in magickal workings, also clairvoyance is either awakened or improved and helps to see the spirits when (/if) they will be evoked.

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