What is the best way for spiritual awakening?

Hello Everyone,

I have some informations about spiritual awakening which includes having some herbs and not eating meat and dairy?

Is that accurate?

Or just another false informations.

There’s no one spiritual awakening, every new piece of knowledge we become known towards that causes a shift in our personal paradigm is a spiritual awakening.

Assuming you mean a spiritual journey through the use of herbs? the latter of not eating meat and dairy is some nonsense extremist vegans push as an idea that they are more spiritually advanced because they do not eat other animals.


Lol nah . It’s more like a moment of realization at first and then from there onward a continuous searching for wisdom and increased awareness , but it never ends or comes to an objective realization rather , progressively moving to a higher state of consciousness , for example from self awareness / choice (3D consciousness) to love/ understanding 4D consciousness


Thank you

I always eat all the junk shit in the world and I would say I am good so far. xd


If u take a psychedelic though it’s possible to have it happen in a very short time ,

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There is no best way , put forward you best effort and try working with a positive spirit .

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