What is the best demon to communicate with for manifestation

Hi there everyone! I hope you are all having a great beautiful day and are all filled with love and happiness!!! The question I have today is about the best way going about manifesting my life desires with rapid speed. Since there is numerous things/events that I want to transpire in my life, I would like to go to a demon who can help in all those areas. I would like to communicate with a demon who is easy to reach out to and is understanding of the situation being presented. In the past I have struggled with immense self doubt which made its way into having a connection with spirits. Though I have managed to get rid of my self doubt, I want to know the easiest and least complicated way to Astral project and talk to the demon. Or whatever way the experts on this forum have to go about accomplishing this task. As mentioned prior, I am looking for successful manifestation in my love life, career life and overall day to day life. My budget is tight for ritual Ingredients, so the less but most efficient would be great! Thank you so much. Also a side note that I am only looking for serious inquiries.

There isn’t one way that is the “swiss army knife” of techniques or entities really, as they all have specialties. If you ask one to do things it’s not that great at, you might be disappointed. A little effort in getting to know them and suiting the person to the request goes a long way. I suppose you could do a general “good luck” spell, but then you’ll need to reply on your ability to make opportunities more.

I’d say go with a deity level entity like Odin or Hermes or Gaia, but even then each has it’s own ambience and leanings. Of course monotheistic religions have that down to an art, but I don’t really recommend their god, though Jesus is a decent sort imo.

Eh, again they’re individuals, they can be harsh if they thing you’ll listen better. Generally, treat them with respect and you get it back. But if you wanted to be molly coddled, they won’t pat you on the head and go “there there”… you’re best off going towards the RHP entities like Jesus.

You need some guts to work with these entities usually, and just their appearance alone can be scary, if that’s a problem, “demons” might not be your thing.

This is a skill and there no shortcuts, but it’s a skill anyone can learn if you put some effort in… do the work and it will come. You can get help from folks like Leraje and Paimon, but they can’t/won’t do it for you.
But what works fast for some people is a no go for others, you must find out what works for you though trial and error. Know yourself, first and foremost. It’s worth it, but nothing about this isn’t going to be hard work. If there was an easy and simple route, we’d all be doing it and you wouldn’t have to ask what it is.

Look up the “develop psychic/astral senses tutorial” for some free information, and check out he book recommendations for this, pick one, work it, every day.

Look up the Love tutorial collections post for this one. Pick an entity and go for it.

Ant’harratu. Hands down.

You and your higher self. Cultivate your own spirit.

So don’t use any… Use an Astral temple, or look up the “tool free magick” tutorial. Tools are optional.

I don’t understand this question. What do you wat us to enquire about? Or did you mean “serious responses”?
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Okay I see what you mean. And as you point it out like that, it does make sense. I appreciate your fast response. Then instead of having “a Swiss Army knife” perspective as that is a bit unrealistic… who are the best deities / demons to go to for answers to my questions? A entity who can direct me towards the most appropriate being? Or who can give me the best advice?


Okayyyy thank you :blush: have a great rest of ur day :woman_fairy:t4:

If you are amenable to other spirits, consider Sandalphon. His office concerns practical solutions, manifesting your desires ect. His primary sphere of influence is the earth sphere. Basically, he’s “close” to this plane.
My UPG is that he has a cornucopia, called a horn of plenty. My recent work with him reveals that this horn is Abundance, as a concept or quality. Working with this representation of abundance attracts greater abundance into your life.
Like the above comments, take some time to identify which spirits you vibe with (if your manifestation focused, consider more earthy type spirits). Then, develop a relationship with them. Invest as much time as you would expect a friend to invest in you.