What is the best Demon/God for writers?

i have a fiction that i have been wanting to complete. Which spirits are best to work with for writers? Preferably a spirit that can work with me from the beginning to the end and help with its publishing and success.

Thoth, Paimon, Ganesh (a friend of mine had a huge productive day calling Ganesha)

That’s are the first that come to my mind.


Asmodeus is another one to consider for the Arts.


Thank you ladies!

Depends on which specific aspects of the writing you want to improve/work on. For over-all, I’d agree with the first reply suggesting King Paimon. However, here are some suggestions as well:

  • Duke Aim - boosts creativity, inspires ideas, and just gets you all fired up to write, write, write. Experienced him making me much wittier than usual, as well as providing opposing ideas to connect and make stories out of. There’s also an experience of him here being summoned for such and the summoner began to enthusiastically work non-stop on her art upon his help.

  • Marquis Ronove - More for the structure of what you’re writing: grammar, sentence constructions, coherence, proper punctuation usages, etc.

  • Marquis Phenex - More for poems, songs, catchy rhymes and the like, should you ever need them in your fictional work.

  • King Belial - If you put the PRO in procrastination like me and needs a very effective kick in the rear so you could finish what you’re writing for good. Like King Paimon, he can over-see the whole process from beginning to end, as well as provide the successful opportunities your work deserves.

Goodluck to your writing, OP! Looking forward to reading your work soon.


Apollo, he came to poetry class once. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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The Celtic god Ogma(Oghma)


Not directly related to fiction writings, but for me Duke Dantalion helped when I got stuck with some of my scientific papers. Almost every Goetic spirit could teach one arts or sciences. Select the spirit that is more sympathetic for you.