What is the benefit of demon evocation

Hello everyone! Please answer the question - what is the benefit of demon evocation for Qliphothic self-initiation and self-improvement?

I do not mean practical benefit in the form of assignment of tasks, fulfillment of desires, curses and love spells.


Evocation? It’s excellent in taking first contact and get to know eachother with entities who are labeled as dangerous and not beginner friendly. More than that probably none except maybe in bane works to center lots of negative energy upon an enemy, creating haunted places and so on.

From invocation there are lots of different benefits in magic, divination and so on


Please tell me, what are the benefits of invocation?

Brother pleas answer me does the evocation can help me to do soul travel? and create my own empire?? i want own a beautiful castle in astral!! pleas answer me cause i feel that you have a huge experience in dealing with spirits and evocations!!!

Didn’t you just put the answer right in the question?

What do you want to know about self improvement?

If the benefits are Qliphothic self-initiation and self-improvement, then yes.

How invocation or evocation of demon can contribute to self-improvement?

What specific aspects of self-improvement can be achieved by invocations/evocation of Qliphothic demons?

Have you read the Goetia? Have you tried googling for the details on Goetic entities?

If you did this, you would notice that each daemon literally comes with a description of how it can help you, whether it’s shadow worlk, help breaking addiction, bringing success etc.

it would be refundant to relist these attributes here when the information is freely available, go get reading bro.

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What’s the evocation you’re looking for? What is the demon and what does he/she do? Those are the questions that will lead to the answers you are looking after

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Yes. But I am asking about 11 Qliphothic demons and Qliphothic demons that described at the book of sitra achra from current 218. I understand purpose of Goetia.

I know it, but I am asking about improvement as a magician and initiation through Qliphoth. Not about achieve material needs. So is it possible by invocations of Qliphothic demons?

I am interested in emissaries of the black light from the book of sitra achra.
What is spiritual benefits to work with them?

I didn’t speak about only material needs. Success means success in everything, including magik.

Do your homework, use the search bar here. There are many threads taking about daemons to hello with various affects of magic.


If you have read the book and you don’t know why you’d want to work with a given entry, don’t bother.

We can’t tell you what will happen, every person’s path is different and unique to them, thier needs and energetic system.

You must try it for yourself and find out.

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Please tell me what is the payment to demons for their help?
I heard that Goetia can be extremely dangerous and the consequences can be terrible.

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They can be but not always or to everyone

You make no payments. You don’t need offerings.
If you’re not interested in ‘material’ things why do you think they would be?

They want you to ascend and become sovereign. Make an offering if it pleases you to do so, and it will strengthen the relationship, but there’s no ‘paying’ them.

That’s fine, but do not dismiss the ‘material’ outright. The material is part of you, it reflects your spirit and it’s development. As above so below.
Spiritual and material cannot be easily separated, and you may need to make action on the physical to ground energy for change in yourself. This is how the daemonic often works.


I heard the same thing, but when I actually tried, it was more like speaking with very wise friends. It’s not a transaction you have to “pay” for. It’s more like gift exchange, and if you don’t want to offer anything you don’t have to. Demons are not petty creatures. You don’t need to fear consequences unless you don’t plan to keep your promises

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Is it possible to do invocation/evocation without bloody sacrifice?

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Of course. I write songs for King Paimon for example

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Does the book not tell you? I’m asking because this is information freely available online and probably in that text.

Here is Vk jehannum talking about the benefits of invocation:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swA_w9XS_8Q&t=110s&has_verified=1

Here’s his writings introducing people to qlipothic self initation: https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/introduction-to-qliphothic-self-initiation/

I don’t view it this way, I view them as aspects of the self at some deep level. They don’t generally ask for offerings in my practice, though I typically intend the incense burned in evocation partially as an offering. In any event, they usually “want” to do their purpose, and to help the magician.