What is the Aura, Really?

Some people like Joe Slate have books/philosophies about how the aura is a real tangible structure that exists on the physical as a product of the body’s biological make-up, and that it can be in one of two states: weak/damaged or strong/healthy.

Yet there seems to be a whole 'nother school of thought from people like John Michael Greer, who, in his book Circles of Power (Golden Dawn Magick) describes shapeshifting ones aura into that of a warewolf and being able to move through the physical world via this wolf body.

This would seem possible if the aura was purely an astral phenomenon, but some people believe that it is a physical manifestation.

So whats really going on? When you shapeshift into a warewolf, is your energy body staying in tact while the astral portion of your aura shifts?

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I think these are basically different worldviews, and we’re not supposed to try to make them fit together. They happen to use the same word but they’re not talking about the same thing - they’re working to different definitions.

I use the word “aura” differently to either of these. Since I practice qigong, in which there’s no definition for “aura”, but there is a definition for “energy body”, most of the time the idea of an aura such as can be seen with say, Kirlian photography is the radiation given off by the physical, qi, mental and emotional bodies - this techniques basically captures electrical coronal discharges, and we are made of energy so it shows up.

So this I would say in more like my view. I wouldn’t call it a structure of it’s own, as it’s an effect given off by the combined action of multiple structures the way I think of things, but, more or less this works for me.

Btw - etymology of Werewolf: Wer = male (from the Latin masculus), as opposed to Wo = female (from the Latin femella), and man = human/person, in English the Wer got dropped from werman but retained for woman, so werwolf = male-human-wolf and hence why werwolves in lore are usually male.

I would consider this to be talking about the mental, aka astral body, which is not the aura but contributes to the aura in my model.

There’s actually two things here

  • Most people can shift their astral body into any form while astral travelling.
  • The idea of being able to dematerialize the physical body and rematerialize it in the templates defined by the astral body is a whole other thing. The fact that the astral body is different than and missing everything you need for a physical body is partly why I don’t believe this is anything more than fantasy. It would be much easier to affect the observers mind to see what you wanted them to see.
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Hasn’t Kirlian photography been debunked as a mechanical phenomenon of the photo lense/process?

Yep im pretty sure it has

Sort of but no - it’s not about the lens - it’s " is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges."

So to be clear, what is being captured is not an an artifact that does not exist in the subject.

Changing the voltage and the subject changes the effects, but they are effects based on and that change with the properties of the subject.

Now, what you take away from that as a mage, knowing we are waveform beings made of electromagnetic energy, might not be what you get out of it as a photographer. Changing your emotions changes your internal voltage as a person… this is why magick works, you are using your electromagnetism to change the electromagnetism of your environment, imo.

Make of that what you will. I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to take a kirlian photo of a mage in ritual and out to see if it makes a difference.