What is the 2nd incantantion EA whispers/intones?

Alright, I’ve got the 1st incantation that EA says and have been gazing at the Inverted Pentagram for a few days (today was my 2nd- perhaps 3rd day?). What is the 2nd incantantion he says and what’s it used for? Also, what’s the differences between the 2 incantations (differences in using them, diff in effects, ect)?

Here you go: Four Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power (and the 07:22 YouTube video for that is online here).

Here’s how I think of em. The first one is a chant to open the gates of the infernal realm …more like “zazas zazas nasatanada zazas” the second one is called the flame chant in the OAA material I think it kinda empowers and invokes omnipotence… Just my 2 cents