What is that?

As a ‘newbie’ I have tons of questions and I tried to find this on the forum but found nothing really…therefore I decided to make my own topic about that:)

Right now it’s almost 5 am and I haven’t slept due to my horrible anxiety.
It was especially bad at around 2-3am because suddenly I got this vivid image more like a gif of a black goat human thingy walking into my room from my vision and I couldn’t get it out of my head and I was fucking scared and I was just saying “please don’t show yourself to me now because im not ready” and stuff like that and i think a thought came into my head saying “it’s okay” but it was in my voice…
that creature looked something like this:

ah i found a better image

it wore pants but no shirt and it was all black and the image or more likely gif kept repeating.
and idk does that mean anything??
in the past three day i did try to evoke Lucifer and King Paimon but none of them really showed up to me (my astral senses aren’t quite developed) and they didn’t even show up in my dreams but yesterday I suddenly started thinking about Belial for some reason and I tried calling him but I didn’t really.
So that started happening since then…for example hearing strange little noises,i think even hearing things? But I am hard of hearing so ringing in my ears is always there haha. But sometimes it’s weird on my right ear…
what do you think people?
Does it really mean anything or it’s nothing?


My intuition is saying that it might be Azazel, he has appeared as a satyr to may of us on the forum


What’s the origin of that too image. I’m less interested in the Baphomet than I am in the other creatures/beings.


Ask the Being to change into a form which is pleasing to your senses and address that you welcome it if it is coming with good intend / due to being called by you.

What you most probably saw was a real Demon in the form it chose to show to you.
Some will shapeshift when asked for a more pleasant form, others simply don’t care.

Generally, take it as a huge success.
Seeing a Demon in it’s fully visible form (usually induced through Evokation or due to relationship with that being), is considered a valuable gift and confirmation of the spirit towards the Magician.

You did ask the right questions here,
I’m pretty confident that you can handle a new encounter when it arises.




This happened to me as well when I was a child. I second the idea of Azazel but it might be something else. I think maybe it appeared to you precisely because you are on this path, you seek guidance and maybe because think you aren’t ready for it. I’ve found that often the most comes out of the worst. I am often in a scenario when all odds are against me, for example, and it usually is there I learn what is most valuable about these things. I am still learning as well. Of course there are things that can be malevolent to us, but I don’t think this one is.
I also used to struggle with anxiety, by the way, which has now been eliminated 100%.


thank you everyone for a quick reply!

it means a lot ^=^

okay so another thing

this is the picture that i saw before those little images came into my head. and i remember it made me feel weird and slightly uncomfortable
but that image in my head:
the being literally just walked through the door and turned towards me and that was it. it didn’t say or do anything but to me it was so vivid that i got scared due to thinking it could really show up because i really believed in it at that moment.
so idk maybe it does mean something haha:)

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Your 3:00am vision is a sure sign of success invoking a spirit. It might be Bael (Lucifer) who’s color is black and will work with your ability, shape shifting in dreams in relation to animals as symbols. The eatly morning visions and strange noises might be his displeasure regarding your rituals or simply an untimely sign of acknowledgement.

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ohhh thank you!

do you know what spirits/demons don’t like something during the evocation??

because honestly i am trying my very best to respect them since i know you really shouldn’t mess with them and stuff

I would like to suggest to you to place the sigil of the entity you wish to contact or who wants to contact you under your pillow and sleep on it. Take the sigil in your hand, gaze at it for a while, transmit your intention and then go to sleep. There should be fear of anything as it is what you sincerely want. Just go to sleep as usual. Have a note pad and pen beside your bed so you can write any dreams immediately after waking. I did exactly that and I had a memorable and unique dream and experience with Lucifer’s sigil.


@arielxxst unknown perhaps it is a sign regarding what you are evoking. Ask and request that the Deity identify itself the next time you have visions.

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There are many goat-shaped Gods and Demons either as primal or secondary form. It could be literaly anyone, Azazel, Lucifer, Baphomet, Ahriman, some Egyptian God etc etc etc
I guess all you can do is to fight your fear and ask a name.


thank you:) yeah i got the same thought…i will try to ask for it’s name once i see it again:’)

:thinking: I have seen a white goat once! He was looking at my face with a big smile! :rofl: the teeth were inch away from my face! I have no idea who was that but was funny to me!


that sound nice hahahaha xD