What is Spiritual Evolution?

I am somewhat compelled to question members what spiritual evolution is, or devolved spirituality in regards to certain things. One party might say that tearing a veil is evolution, because of particular skill sets required, that one must be evolved. Whereas another might say that spiritually it isn’t evolved for X reason. Or the vessel trapping of Pantheon’s. Skill versus spiritual growth for X reasons. Or hooking up with demon lovers and nothing else? Or perhaps bane work just because, or working with parasites (which are dangerous)? Or causing someone to love you who might not ordinarily? Perhaps forcing a god to appear with a circle. You get the drift. What does it mean to actually be a god? Is it just power and might, or is it wielding it responsibly, wisely and respectfully?
Where is the line? How does one separate ego driven goals from spiritually driven goals? Which is evolution? Which is devolved spirituality? What is abuse or power and what is growth in power?
I think it’s worth a very long, hard look into. Where does your spirit stand? Have you evolved from magic or devolved? They say absolute power corrupts, but I think that it only corrupts those succeptible to it. I think magic is somewhat the same way.
The gods are beings that we can emulate in accordance to our natural state of being. I think that is reflected in who we naturally gravitate towards, for those that actually build relationships with them.


Evolution of growth of being, knowledge is the crucial cornerstone of this process, but a cornerstone alone provides no shelter. There are no absolute rules or standards. You decide your own rules. Do what thou wilt.


I agree with @lawclerk said. If you feel like you’re evolving, you’re evolving. If we set objective standards to it then we’re just right back on the RHP.


But, it’s not a universally accepted thing that they need to be separated, and if you adopt the model of reality decsribed in the Kybalion, the idea there is some high moral truth “out there” has less of a basis.

The fundamental difference lies in whether you think existence has some grand purpose, or whether it’s just there, and available to have some fun with.


It is simply choice. Freedom. Think of those with great power and perhaps knowledge. Are they free and do they have choice? Usually they do not. They have the illusion of such. The politician deciding the course of the country rising to his position by use of spirits beholden to him. In the end he will serve those spirits by that heavy association and even before that he is not free and does not have a choice. How far can he act and what can he do before he is restricted by laws of either man or spirit.
True evolution is growing beyond the bonds that bind and knowledge and power both facilitate it and are side effects of it feeding and supplying each other. True spiritual evolution and perfection is when you are no longer a part of reality but you are reality both internal and external and have perfect choice. You choose whether to go through a trial or skip it. You choose if some event happens or does not. You choose to feel pain and pleasure, love and hate. You are no longer bond by karma or fate but rather they have become your agents.
It is perfect balance and unity within and without as above so below.