What is Scrying?

Hey guys. As some of you know I am new here and to the left hand path.

I want to ask each and everyone of you to give your opinion on what scrying is. Please also tell me your experiences with scrying. (I know the Internet is there for me to google it but I would like to know information from you guys in the subreddit instead)

(Everyone is entitled to their opinion so please don’t bash people on theirs if you don’t agree with them.)

Scrying is the use of your magical imagination and will to gain information about a subject (not necessarily a person or spirit). Most people attribute scrying to spying on people at a distance via what could be referred to as ‘remote viewing’ but scrying does not have to be wholly visual. It can engage all the senses, and be used as a starting point for deeper work. You can scry the past, present, future and even use it to get into peoples heads if you so desire. You are not bound to time-space.

Most of my work with scrying involves ‘checking in’ on people and giving them little nudges. Most recently I’ve been using it to scope out potential houses which there might be an interest in buying. Never know what kind of energetic residue is attached to placed. I work with an obsidian black mirror.


Thank you for your reply. Is it okay if I can pm you as I would like to know more about it and how I can practice about it.