What is new age/white light exactly?

Both these concepts are very criticized but I cannot put my finger on what it is exactly? Is it another word to say RHP? How do you define new age and white light? Are there concepts that only deal with angels? Because I thought this was called enochian magick.


White light: A color of energy that is mainly used in all purpose fashion. Used to balance chakras, shield New Agers from things they can’t handle(psychic vampires, etc), clear bad energy that is already present, and even empower chakras. Can be VERY difficult to remove due to the fact that WHITE light is actually CLEAR light (the blending of all colors) and NOT the glue colored white people say it is. Over used, but like all things, can be extremely potent when used masterfully.

New Age: Term for a movement that mainly pushes for environmental care of the planet, higher consciousness, and the coming together of people for the purpose of Unity. Unity as in no more ego seperation, hive mind of love and light, usurp the individual will because it causes too much harm to the planet kind of thing. Pioneered by beings called Ascended Masters who push the "Unity " agenda.


The masters were also mentioned in the book of light,
even with Christian Anders stating, that in comparison to the new age movement,
the book of light would be “old age”, because of the “timeless knowledge” presented in the 10 volumes.

My opinion: Unity is for the weak and the unwilling. People, who don’t know shit, and have no diractions or true goals in life.


Echonian, from my understanding, focuses on angels specifically (I can be wrong, though). “White lighters” are typically clumped into the New Age movement because they use similar tools and concepts. Wicca, which is more pagan in nature, is considered both White light (because of the Rede, mainly) and New Age (since it started in the 20th century using old ideas to create a new religious movement).


Exactly @Drachir. It takes strength to walk alone. It takes even more strength for TWO people to cooperate with each other while staying true to their individual wills. That is the difference between RHP and LHP.

RHP:A group of people COLLECTIVELY give up their individual wills to get shit done.

LHP: A group of people COLLECTIVELY strengthen their individual wills then combine them to get shit done.

Difference? We hold ourselves together. We don’t let our Wills fall apart!


New Age people tend to believe the Universe has meaning and that they serve some force that is both so omnipotent that everything bad that happens to them is a “lesson” of some kind, but also, that this force is so incomplete that it needs them to heal, educate others, and evolve.

It’s (to my mind) a totally contradictory double-whammy of illogic designed to make people distrust themselves and surrender all self-will and common sense towards simply spreading the virus… JMO though! :smiley:


New Agers will be into God and It’s"spirit guides" and LHP are into Goetic Gods as guides. Its both metaphysical belief isn’t it? No, Timothy says but wait, LHP isn’t about metaphysics as it calls these spirit guides"egregores". LHP leaves it open and takes away God or these egregores as Divine Policeman from the invisible realm. The only Divine Policemen are LHP workers.

Anyone disagree?

Both use clearance of blockages, clutter within and without.

I’d also say that a LHP person more likely to be more “grounded” in reality…if they’re doing it right.

I mean wtf? Getting together to dance.

Go to a fuckin night club or something.

Does she seem “grounded”?

I get the impression that New Agers will talk and talk about chakras but their root chakra seems blocked, they’re not earthy i.e. not fully “in the world”, I mean yeah the New Age women seem “lovely” and caring but there’s something missing…sincerity maybe, I dunno, what do you think? Gorgeous as she is, (if i had the opportunity) to live with this chick, i’m sure she would send me around the bend.

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What do I think? I think that I don’t even believe in guardian angels and spirit guides to begin with… There are 7 billions humans so if every human has at least 2 guardian angels as it’s claimed that would mean that at least 14 billion guardian angels are working on earth. This is ludicrous imo, same with spirit guides…

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Most of the new agers on youtube simply want to make it, working online seem to be one of their biggest desires. but with that been said the white light is the light of sun, which is basically the opposite of the dark energy the energy of Kali, one is creative and the other is destructive, both can be used for your advantage, although most people do seem to chose only one because they have chosen their path, which is either right or left.

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Solar energy ie star energy because the sun is another star in the night sky,

Then you have deep space in between the spheres of influence of these stars which is Kali?

However the sun which is a star can be very destructive. Anyway I get the gist, denial of the dark, well yeah, there doesn’t seem to be much exploration of personal hang-ups amongst these White Lighters, they don’t seem to have their feet on the ground.