What is more powerful?

voodoo or black magic ?

plz confess to me

Neither, the practitioner.

Systems of magic are not what is powerful, it is the skill of the magician. That said, don’t mess with voodoo, while I’m not saying the spirits in voodoo are inherently more strong, they are a lot more dangerous than most spirits you’ll encounter in a grimoire.

I agree with Ash on voodoo unless u have someone to teach you how to use it it is very dangerous. The spuruts of voodoo operate very differently. And the skill of the magician is very important in factoring the overall efficacy of a ritual. No system is better than another however certain system’s work better for certain magicians. Whereas i resonate better than most with the Draconian Current other peooke resonate with the Demonic and Angelic Currents than i do. It is basically finding where you fit in. Not every magician is oriented the same way. Also note that voodoo haitian vodoun and Santeria are all somewhat similar with some differences in belief but are systems of black magick.

I would say that the spirits of Haitian Vodoun are on par with most gods in terms of power(which makes them stronger than most demons).

What then sets the system apart from something like Kemetism, you may ask?

The spirits of Haitian Vodoun work in close proximity with this world. From the start, their lore is about a group of spirits being given full and unlimited power over this Earth by their all powerful god who has abandoned us.

Then there’s the fact that many of these spirits hail from the Congo and Dahomey, and very old groups that have been worshiping them since practically the dawn of time, and their step into this world was only further catalyzed by aeons of offerings, and intense energy outbursts(the Haitian Revolution, for one), and explosions of power that worked tirelessly to bring them here.

The Aesir work from Valhalla, the Netjer from the Heavens and Duat, the Olympians from Olympus, but the Loa work from this world. That’s what sets them apart from other gods and makes their magic more powerful here. Which also means that Vodoun is pretty weak on Mars or something.

Vodoun is IMO, more powerful for results and getting things, whereas black magick is a slower and cheaper road to power, but is better for the purpose of ‘‘ascent’’. While Theogenesis is possible in the ATR systems, the R part makes it hard to become a Voodoo King or Queen, and the best you can hope for, is to become one of the Loa, an extremely powerful and unrestricted spirit of the land…and there are other planets than Earth and other worlds than the physical.

Vodoun takes a lot more out of you. Even if you approach it from a LHP perspective of treating the Loa as equals rather than super-gods that you must bow to, there’s still an element of devotion and giving a lot of yourself for spells. Not to mention, the magic works with the dead a lot, as the carrier for spells, so cleansing is a must so you don’t have that Death Essence lingering around you.

So pray tell, which is more powerful?