What is magick? What is its purpose? Is it ethical to use it for self?

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Magick is basicly a way to cause changes.

It has no objective purpose but rather it depends on the magican.
Some use it to get rich or get laid, some use it to be closer to god and some use it to cause changes in creation.

Ethics and morals are not universal so the question is moot. The only person who can answer it is yourself.
When using magick you have to be ready to face qonsequenses.


What is magick?

Magick is the direct or indirect exercise of one’s divine will.

Is it ethical to use magick for yourself?

Magick exists beyond man-made ethics and it always depends on your intention. Your own moral attitudes alone decide what you can achieve with Magick and where you are limited.


Magick is a group of tools and you use tools to build things. Sometimes, that includes tearing down some other thing, but that’s fine.

So the purpose of magick is for the occultist to build, I dare to say, the reality they want.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be ethical to use it for yourself. Magick is for people and you’re people, so :man_shrugging:


Magick is causing change to occur in accordance with the will. (the old Crowley definition.)
Obviously its purpose is to make changes that fit your will.
And of course it is ethical to use for the self. When you have the realization that there is no difference between the self and others (or that in fact the self is the only sentient being in the universe.)

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I have to strongly agree with everyone which is great.

Magic is a tool. You can use it for good or for evil, just like (almost) any other tool.

That being said… it should be approached with caution, just like any other, potentially dangerous tool.

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Magick is energy and it also gives you a choice to either use it or not to help bring change from one state of being into another.

Whether you aim it for internal or external change, it happens both ways, “as within, so without”

Of course it is ethical to use it for yourself, it’s a primary reason for most people to use it. We all try and help ourselves every single day with our thoughts and actions and this is where magick transpires from.


Simple answer magic is power. The power to change your reality whether is inner or outer. Ethics are for the individual to figure out. In palo we believe in doing good and harm for that’s natures way. Death brings new life, destruction brings new order.

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