What is "lust for results"?

Just to make things clear, what exactly defines “lust for results”? Is it wondering how a spell is going? Is it thinking about that thing you want to happen? What exactly is it? Once I have done a spell I don’t think about the actual spell again, or wonder how it’s going. It’s a little harder not to think about that thing you want to happen though. Imagine the end result. Sometimes that will just pop into your head and I have gotten really good at just pushing those thoughts out right away but sometimes they pop in even though you don’t want to think of something.

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“Lust for results” is basically thinking about a spell or ritual after it’s done to the degree it’s all you think about and allows self doubt to interfear. This negates the effect and purpose of the ritual causing it to fail. That is why they say you should dissconnect after a ritual or spell is performed and focus completely on something else. This gives the spell or ritual time to work in a decent time frame.


The lust for results is the impatience, and obsessiveness of wondering when it’s going to happen. Repeatedly dwelling on the when, and if of things. It’s fine to think of the wanted result every so often, but not all the time, cycling it over and over again in your head. You should view it as already a true fact, and you’re just waiting for the universe to catch up to it. If it is already true, then there is no need to dwell on it.

Another way of looking at it is like this: say you inherited a sum of money, but, you have been informed that it will take a year for you to receive it due to the necessary arrangements of the estate. You wouldn’t keep wondering when it will arrive because you KNOW it will be take a year. Your magical results are the same way. Once the spell is sent out, you KNOW it is on its way, so you just carry on as you will.


To understand the concept of Lust, you have to understand the foundation of Desire:

I would say that lust and desire is an essential and an important part of magic. Not necessarily for the result, but more as a MOTIVATION to reach the goals of what we desire. The result is the reward of our desires.

When our desires are realised through magic, it has to go along with our spells and rituals without lingering in our minds. If it lingers, it just creates impatience and doubts. It doesn’t belong in our minds after a spell. It belongs within the spell, as a current of enhancement.