What is it that you fear?


“And now about the cauldron sing,
Like elves and fairies in a ring,
Enchanting all that you put in.
By the pricking of my thumb…
Something wicked this way comes”

What ritual that you preformed terrified you the most, and why?


Cue @DarkestKnight in 1…2…3…


I have to say that it was most likely my first blood rite. It was also my first ritual that I ever did.


4…5…6…7…I guess he’s not coming. Oh well, there’s a rule here that you need to introduce yourself in the new member section, tell us a little about what brought you here, what kind of experience you have with magic etc.
My most frightening experience was my first evocation when I was maybe 15. Dark forest at midnight, every sound seemed amplified, the forest seemed to be breathing. Of course I didn’t see or hear anything that unusual, but the spirit’s presence was very real. The fright factor came from the surroundings, anticipation, inexperience and such


Haunter of the dark. Either that or meeting my godform. Oooh oooh or maybe meeting that headless shadow… nah.


Yeah, I know the feeling. It boosts the adrenaline really high.


This wasn’t exactly a ritual, but without a doubt, my scariest magick experience was when I had to make a very fast apology to King Asmodeus. He manifested to my girlfriend and scared the shit out of her, and I insulted him…bad plan. He sent me some nasty visions until I found my place.

I’m also a bit nervous for an evocation I plan to do for a curse. I’m considering working with Andras, who is well known for his ruthlessness. The gloves need to come off and my target needs to be dealt with, so I think it needs to be done, but I’m still mildly afraid of him.


I do have a life off the forum, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


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