What is it like to be an angel?

This still happens to people nowadays. Being shunned by society or even worse.
However, “enlightened” people are just as diverse as uhm, normal people, so they don’t all walk around flipping tables in temples and multiplying wine.


depends how enlightened you are, if youre at the level of jesus you can perform such miracles and its best they dont go showing off precisely due to the reactions of people

Yeah but you don’t have to that’s my point. Some might not even want to because that’s not why they are here.

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yeah thats my point to, its even why they turn into recluse

There’s a weird way the term enlightened is used in this conversation lol. It almost comes off as religious not in a dogmatic way however.

No, not all. Some people might seem to you as mundane af but they’re not, do you understand what I mean?

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i get your point, but i still believe if youre at the level of jesus you will leave society behind because you dont need it anymore, unless you want to teach

Or you simply enjoy being a human. For the small things. This planet is exciting. History is exciting, politics is. There’s so much stuff to learn. Anatomy, geography, archaeology, psychology, table tennis…


my point is that when youre enlightened as much as jesus, human stuff will not bring you joy as it does to other humans

That sounds like escapism to me.


I’ll disagree with this forever.


How do you know if you’re not enlightened? you’d have to be enlightened to know what an enlightened person gets joy from otherwise you’re view is pretty much baseless speculation created by word with overly fanaticized implications tied to it. Simply because our society now when the term enlightened is a heavy loaded word that brings about fantasy ideas in todays’ society.

Ive had a lot of experiences in my past, one being I could come close to a little taste of enlightenment, the stronger i got spiritually the less i felt the wanting for food and sex and other things, though there were still needs, ive never fully gotten enlightened

If your not wanting to eat food to nourish your body or things like that, then I wouldn’t call that enlightenment.

An enlightened person would understand the basic natural needs of the body. And would enjoy life and appreciate nature/the world.

the key word there is need, thats my point, even crowley explained it (maybe better) you understand the needs but you dont want them anymore

there are enlightened ones who dont sleep eat or have sex, they can do without

I’d like to meet them lol.

me too bro, read Autobiography of a Yogi if it interests you

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So that dictates what you think an enlightened person(s) becomes? Just from your almost close experiences? Lol

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some were close, others were full on experiences, but yes, I can speak from having experienced certain levels of consciousness