What is it about magick that calls to you?

Is it the aesthetics and beauty of the art in ritual? Is it connecting to a dimension intricately laced with our own yet not widely known? Is it communicating with entities from other dimensions of existence? These are some of my reasons what are yours?

Power, power, and more power. Oh and communicating with entities from other dimensions of existence is pretty cool too =)

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peace for myself and those around me

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I agree with power it is the underlying reason for self deification. But also being able to manipulate reality in your favor is a plus. Lol also the danger appeals to me knowing i could possibly be attacked even though it hasnt happened.

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For me it has always been the goal of making my life better (before magick it wasn’t even bearable) as well as making the lives of those I love better. But self deification is my end goal. To become something less human and more spirit and to live forever after my physical death. To affect reality, altering it to my will. And talking to demons and other spirits is a hell of a lot more interesting than talking to most people.

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I am not called, but rather I am the Caller of Souls; the one who does the choosing. I enjoy the attraction of all the interesting people and weirdos and synchronicity. They’re like pets. =)

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Because the reality presented to us seems (and is) false.

I resent being lied to and told what to do.

I will take responsibilty for my life and actions.

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Ever since I was young, life seemed like you walk into a restaurant and you’re starving, you need nourishment and HAVE to eat, and let’s say for the sake of argument that you have to eat there, and there’s nowhere else.

Maybe you just moved into a small town in the arse-end of nowhere, totally isolated, and this is the only source of food, because the owners pulled strings to have all the stores closed down.

(I’m going to make it a logging town, in the northern hemisphere, because I like lumberjacks.)

(And firemen. Trees are flammable, right?)

Back to the restaurant. :slight_smile:

The waiter hands you the menu - with a sneer, even though he stinks of old filthy sweat, and is of a physical type you particularly despise.

The stained and nasty-looking menu offers you a choice of flavourless, artificial, and possibly even harmful foods - going by my chosen diet, let’s say GM’d soya mince, served in a variety of MSG sauces, atop some manky cold pasta swimming in rancid oil, with a full choice of having your cola (the only drink available) with high-fructose corn syrup, or aspartame. Both, if you prefer (the 50/50 “House Special”).

And all of the prices are so high, that you do the math and realise that you’ll be locked into escalating debt every week, just to pay for 7 day’s worth of food!

As you sit deciding what looks least toxic and most like it might be worth signing away undefined future income for, you hear that just upstairs is a small independent eatery, where the style is TOTALLY different.

Up there, they serve the food of your choice - in my case, rare steak and plenty of garlic, but you better believe they cater to vegans too, or vegetarians, any damned thing at all, and in the best possible ways -

Oh, and the hottest lumberjacks in town are moonlighting as waiters, and there are some hot chicks (or, trans-species octopuses of your choice - it’s all happening) doing wild and crazy dances, and having FUN. It’s everything that this miserable town of fake and plastic crud has suppressed, and hidden away from you.

But it’s ALSO the haunt of some seriously dangerous criminals, so much so that it you get spotted up there, you may get shot out of hand by the local Sheriff, Mr Jesu Kristopherson, and just getting past the doorman won’t be easy.


You can sit down and eat your greasy cold slop, with all kinds of shudders over how low you’ve sunk and how nasty it is, what long-term damage it may do to your strength, and how it will hack your paycheque for years to come or - OR.

Maybe, you can sneak up and have a bit of real life, real fun, real nourishment - taking a risk for sure, but also secure in the knowledge that you didn’t settle for crap, for plastic imitation living, for someone else’s approved sub-reality nutrition, or bog yourself down with 2nd-rate excuses for food. For living. For LIFE.

It will be a risk.

You may meet powerful enemies who will fuck your life up - or, you may just figure out how the fuck they GET these yummy supplies, and join in the revolution against the grey greasy slop served down below.

It’s a chance at something BETTER, on every level, and more than that - a chance to be part of that “something better” in ways that you know may just undermine the ordinary drab grey greasy slop.

I know what I’d do.

(Okay so this reply got a bit weird because I’m hungry right now, but I hope it makes the point - I want power like a batfuck crazy person always does, I quite like the kick of the danger, because I have a high set-point for fear that was formed early in life, and all the rest is just jam on top: the wonderfully weird tools, and the meeting with spirits so bizarre that they blow your mind. Gotta eat now! :smiley:

And it won’t be Soylant Grey, in the normie’s excuse for a life…)

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Brilliant creative response! (I’m trying to point up at yer post Lady Eva, see?)


There is no mystery why it is wonderful and dangerous up there… nor why they are actually dancing around. Its called DRUGS and the criminal lifestyle. Thats why they are dancing and having a good time. Selling it also does make good money I am sure, but thats also the reason you have the sheriff coming around, naturally. Thats also wby there are dangerous powerful people who could fuck you up is because they are empowered by their high, where it is a perpetual thing for them. AND…probably why you still eat what you eat, because you weigh the consequences.

My metaphor was about nourishment, not getting blasted out your mind, or hooked on shit. But whatever!

Meth, crack, and sniffin’ glue obviously make winners of everyone who tries them, as everyday observation will prove to be true! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think there is an inherent fascination with the “supernatural”, “paranormal” and the mystery and curiosity of the unknown. Also there is an inherent desire for and value in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, enlightenment and power. Each of these things may be influential factors that draw people into magick.


For some, it’s the thrill of rebellion.

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The hope of being able to control situations.

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Because Telling people that your a Mage sound Good, :slight_smile: Just Joking!

Seriously for me there is so Many Reason why, But i think the Major one are

1- Being able to Eternally Ascent, Learning way to achieve this
2- For all the Knowledge you can get and for all the Enchancement you can make with that Knowledge
3- Because Being a Magician, i Feel as i’m part of that Great Arcane Path, on which So Much great Being Walked.
4- For all the Benefits the Practice of Magick and its related Discipline such as Meditation etc. Gave me Instantly.

And i could say many more. But for it is Hard nearly impossible to say with Words what i Feel about Magick, since it is a case when Word cannot be sufficient to describe

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The whole speak about the afterlife just bores. I’m mostly interested in Magick for doing things in the NOW while I am here. This includes if I get involved with higher vibrations; I am only interested in what it can do for me in this physical world. Let the rest Die and go to Heaven and God can sort them out. I am here to stay, taking all the surplus supply of Steak and other wonderful goodies.

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I cant connect to anything in this world, the world of the dead seems more of a reality to me than this physical one but that’s ok with me since there’s not really anything in this physical world that I want anyway.

once again sorry for being weird

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I can understand that. But thosr are mostly older people that havr already experienced life and are ready to go. Some want to experience life more fully. Some kids dont want tl experience life as much, but to each their own. I notice alot of people that do not want to experience life as much already havr half their foot in the grave, so can understand there is a spiritual reason to their condition.

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Not really, Ive experienced a lot in this world, I shoulda been dead from most of it.Maybe that’s the problem,I learned everything in this physical reality are temporary fixes and fleeting experiences, magick it’s been there forever and in my walk on this journey it’s proven itself to be more of a concrete reality than this physical world… it’s all good to each his own - If im gonna die I rather it be from pushing the limits of my will mind and different realities - Ima cut it short if it makes sense kewl if not kewl - but thats my reason for being attracted to magick I couldnt imagine life any other way -

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