What is important for you in readings?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’d like to know which aspects are important for you, when you get a reading.

For example the length, words, empathy, honesty?

  • What makes a reading good for you?
  • What makes you feel, that the reader was good?
  • What makes you trust the words from a reader?

And on the other hand…

  • What makes a reading not reliable for you?
  • What makes you never look at it again? :sweat_smile:

I noticed how differently readers work and how different readings are. So I am curious what people wish for in a reading.



-Lack of accuracy
-Lack of accuracy

There are some people that have a really shitty storytelling and are overall annoying, but that are accurate regardless of their “cosmetic” flaws.

That’s my humble opinion


It doesn’t really matter to me as long as they try, and are fairly accurate. Some readings may be accurate, some may not be. By try I mean explaining to the person receiving the reading the meanings behind it, unless a short meaning speaks for itself.

The whole “you must do this” is a pet peeve of mine ngl.

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That’s really true.
Without any context it’s hard sometimes to get the exact meaning but if someone tells a little bit, it often gets a lot clearer.

And I agree, readings are about interpretation, and not listing a general meaning of a card. I’ve seen readings other people showed me where the reader wrote something I was sure I could find 1:1 in an explanation book for a card :sweat_smile:

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for me accuracy and depth of the given situation matters.
more a certain situation is broken down as of what, how and why with a solution to the problem would add value.

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If it’s very accurate and tells me all I need to know , some people just say things that feel like jabs at the air , good detail , I don’t like readings if someone predicts horrible events and have little to no skill at readings , if someone is reading me and they’re obviously insecure about their own ability , that is a huge turn off .

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Another thing I would like to add is, that a good reader in my opinion should be able to see something about the current situation or the past. If a reading is just about predictions, you have no clue if it’s even accurate.
A good reader can tell me things about me he/she didn’t know before he/she started the reading. Emotions or what’s going on for example.

If someone pulls 10 cards and can only tell me two sentences about it, I am usually pretty sure that this person can’t really read the cards. Sometimes a short answer is enough but so many cards tell more then just yes or no haha


But the future isn’t set in stone? Something might not happen if the client takes another path. Example, I always use ‘maybe’ in my readings as I don’t know what the client will do with the information, nor can I control them to take my advice. Sorry I don’t understand this one.

As for knowing feelings and emotions, the meaning of the cards can somewhat give the reader a picture of what’s being felt by the client underneath. Or maybe they can tell just by looking at you, some aren’t good at hiding emotions.

True. Take those with a pinch of salt, if paying for those services they are required to give detailed readings. But if they’re being done for free, not much is being missed: Haven’t lost or gained anything. However, free readings (like the ones offered here) are a way to practice imo. I believe some people can do it naturally, while others can get better.

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I agree with @Mythopoeia and @MagusOfGamaliel

The future isn’t set in stone - that’s why I don’t like readings that just talk about predictions and don’t help at all in a current situation. It’s just my opinion.
A reading just about predictions could also just be a good or bad guess lol. I prefer readings where someone can see something I can confirm and give me more details maybe.

Also, i don’t think free readings are just about practice. I don’t do them for practice anymore for example. I mean, of course every reading you do helps you to get better but that’s not my only motivation.
So I am not saying you can expect everything from free readings but my question was what we think is important in readings. And if I start to do the effort to do a reading, for free or not, I should at least read the cards I got at a minimum haha.
I am just saying that it’s sometimes pretty clear for me that someone can’t read. They might read a text from a book about cards but they don’t really read the cards.

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For me ACCURACY is the number one thing that is important in a reading, Honesty a close second and if the reading is too short then I tend to disregard it.

I have received 5 readings here since being a member; all from different people.

Three of them basically said the same thing which tells me all of these three people are accurate especially since I think all 3 were done in my PM. One of them was just a one line which was so inaccurate so it was both short and wrong. The other one was not clear in terms of what the reader was saying and was also short too.

In the past I got readings where I felt that the reader was holding back, seeing things and did not want to tell me.

About 6 years ago I had a reading in person at this psychic shop and if the reader had come up front and clearly told me what she had seen I think I would be be better off today. The reader dropped hints mind you and useful ones at that but she did not say exactly what needed to be said which I needed to hear to properly open my eyes. Had she done so I would have been better off today. She passed away not too long after giving me the reading and I still talk to her daughter. Her daughter told me that she really wanted to tell me more but she was afraid that I would be afraid and not take her seriously at all if she did.


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Lol I will respond I’m at work and when I get home I usually sleep

One of the most important things in a reading is the reader being direct and not sugar coating things or telling you what you want to hear. A good reading has the reader keeping personal bias and opinion out of their interpretations and make the reading as objective as possible.

It’s extremely easy to tell when a reader is fake or not experienced, because you can immediately hear and see these things happen.