What is if you see too much butterfly?

What sign is if you see too much butterfly i mean for days and weeks , everyday sometimes butterfly follow you , i have seen a lot of butterfly

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Um…it’s spring time? :man_shrugging:

You could also be giving off an energy they find attractive. I have that effect on mosquitoes. Wherever I am, those bastards find me. :skull:

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this happeneing to me in november and december

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation maybe you’re going through one? A positive sign for most I guess. Not for me, they freak me out… I get hysterical and spastic when one lands on me. :joy:

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Butterflies following you are a sure sign that deep down you’re sexually maladjusted. I’d suggest that the fact you live in an area with a large number of such insects has nothing much to do with it. It’s no good trying desperately to write this butterfly experience off to happenstance. No, in my considered opinion butterflies mean sexual maladjustment; for this reason don’t research Atu 0 or read Crowley’s Moonchild .