What is Hell like

So I know that Christians believe Hell is such a bad place with fire and eternal misery, but what do we believe Hell is like


Hell or what I like to call the Infernal realms
are a plane of existence that is vast and expansive and is inhabited by the Infernal Empire
The appearance of the Infernal Plane changes depending on your mental state and your beliefs/background
so there isn’t really a static look or appearance but many people point out similarities
like some parts of the plane are Dark and with no light while other parts are fiery and hot with a burning lake of fire.


It is also a place where the spiritually enlightened my spend their time
Were secrets and forbidden knowledge can be found

If you dare.


You mean Hel? She’s a goddess and she kicks ass :slight_smile:


Which realm are we taking?

I’ve seen one that is ashes and darkness… One that is bright and lava filled…


It all depends on which hell we’re talking about.

  1. The abyss
  2. Hell
  3. The pit
  4. The infernal empire
  5. Arezura - Persian Hell
  6. Tartarus - Greek Hell
  7. Hades Uderworld - Greek Hell
  8. Helheim - Norse hell / realm of the dead
  9. Annwn - Celtic hell
  10. Naraka - Hindi hell
  11. The Netherworld
  12. Duat
  13. Egyptain underworld

These hell realms i have been to, it all depends which one really.


Hi I am new here. I stumbled upon your answer on how is hell like and you listed all the types of hell and mentioned you have been there. Would you mind sharing how each hell was differrnt? I have not invoked or encountered any demons. I am a little nervous because I have read that some of the demons are playful or give a hard time. Any suggestions for relationships help and answers to the universe like who created earth, where do demons live, is there a heaven


Thank you so much!:blush:

Description of all the hell in all the religion/ even minor ones like tribal religion exists. Simple law of the astral realm. Anything ever thought of by anybody exists somewhere there!!!

I have astral projected a couple times to hell.
It’s nothing like the way the Christians describe it.

I saw this pic somewhere and it reminded me alot of what the streets and structures looked like. It was very impressive. I felt very welcomed.


So tempted to say my life but … it could be a helluva lot worse.

And think king on Duat I always wanted to do a doo-woo song but definitely DU-AT!!! DU-AT!!!

There is no Hell per se.
If you believe in Hell even after seeing the other world-astral ream,then you scare your own self.
This is my way and you don’t have to agree with me.
Hell is on Earth :broken_heart:


“Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”
Travis Binkle Taxi Driver (1976)

“What is Hell like?”
Hell is other people – ill-mannered, uneducated, unread, uncultured and often unwashed. And these programmed types are everywhere and that’s hell! The vile, stupid, uneducated, desperate masses with their piss-weak joys and irrelevant hates, cretinous apprehensions and puerile understandings. They’re worth maybe a dime a dozen on the hoof. Just stick your head out and look around at the sad-case, nut-job, waste of space human cockroaches. Like Anton LaVey, I believe that the best street cleaner is a riot gun!



That’s sinister and I can’t say I’m offended at all. Look at how the average person tolerates blatant pedophillia in the government or religious institutions for example. That’s just one example and not meant to derail the thread but it’s like most people are under a fucking spell that makes them a slave or they just naturally have that slave instinct. What the hell is wrong with people?
Edit: sinister from a certain point of view I should say, you know what I mean

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brace for impact I’ll give you some insight I got from both Azazel and Satan their realm is the infernal it’s a dark place but not a place of torment its a safe zone for the souls of Lord Satan it is dark lit by blue light sort of cave ish underground dwelling there is a lake of fire but not for the souls to burn only Leviathan swims in it Satan has his temple a large ever changing palace where the demons party live and chill out there are bars casinos strip clubs basically sin city 24 7 you can smoke drink and not get cancer or a hang over you can fuck and not get STDs it’s a fun place I’ll say that now I could be wrong but Azazel and Satan have confirmed this for me also hell is huge and always changing shifting around


there are also sections for devoted souls of certain demons Azazel has his own where his legion of spirits stay Belial has his King Paimom has his etc but Lord Satan rules over them all

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I could be wrong but this is what I see and have been given in vision meditation might be different depending on how you view demons and their realms

yes this is what I have seen and felt

I call it the infernal so yes the infernal empire

also I never once got bad vibes from the infernal empire and view it as my true home being close with both Lord Satan and Azazel I get vibes from them that I am going back their when I die as I have been there before I don’t get a horror torture vibe from it at all

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