What is hell like?

So I grew up Roman Catholic and was raised believing that hell is a lake of sulfur and fire where you wish you could die but can’t. Now I’m a Satanist and people tell me its a bottomless pit where you experience eternal bliss. Are both these descriptions true in a sense?

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My sincerest apologies

its a bottomless pit of darkness within the astral realm. you can astral project to it or travel to the planet if your smart enough to figure out how and have the dough…

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I mean they are two contradictory belief systems. What did you expect?
For X-stians hell is eternal damnation.
For Satanists it’s eternal bliss.
For me, none of these theories are correct.
Hell is more like a state of mind than a place.
And it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Some satanists tell me that the eternal damnation is real also but that’s for thos who turn their backs on Satan

Yeah, but hell itself for them is the equivalent for the Xstian concept of heaven.
Just as eternal damnation awaits those who turn their back on “God” in Xstianity, a similar doom awaits those who reject Satan as the Father of All Creation in Satanism.

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That’s the view of the Orthodox Church (of which I am a member) the Orthodox Church teaches that currently all souls go to Hades, the righteous to the Bosom of Abraham, and the wicked to be tormented in the flames. In this location people can be moved from the flames to the Bosom of Abraham by the prayers of the living.

There’s a story from our tradition that St. Pope Gregory the Great offered prayers for the long deceased Emperor Trajan (he was one of the Roman Emperors which persecuted Christians) and them Emperor Trajan appeared before him clothed in light, thanking him for his prayers, that he was freed from torment.

No one will go to heaven or hell until after the resurrection, when Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead. Heaven and hell will be people’s reactions to the flaming light of the presence of Jesus Christ, as everyone, righteous and wicked, will be in his presence. To those who have attempted to purify the Image of God within them, they will be as gold, glowing with the same radiance of Jesus. To those who have marred the Image of God within them, they will be as kindling and burn with anguish. However, we also believe that after the resurrection everything continually improves. The Archangels will be to the point of the Seraphim, and the Seraphim will be so much farther along. Likewise, those who marred the Image of God will have their Image restored and healed in the presence of Jesus and they will also radiate with the same radiance of Jesus.

In the end, the Orthodox Church believes that Jesus’ love and light will overcome all things to reconcile the world back to himself. If not now, then after the resurrection.

I’ve experienced true hell as far as a state of mind goes, where demons exist that are too horrifying to be described and not the kind that are typically used by sorcerers, a place of festering fire. I’ve also been projected to beautiful places in the underworld and places of darkness without suffering. The word hell can mean different things, there exists hell as suffering and hell as the underworld and so on, but the Christian description of hell as a place of torment does exist. I don’t think most spirits people call demons from grimories actually come from that place.

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