What is god itself?

the longest pondered question existing since 1 b.c. what is god? is god real? i figure the best place to ask such a question would be here, i have no theory, no explanation, nowhere to begin, so i leave this to you, with my questions for those of you with boredom to enjoy picking apart, god is what? where does it/he/she come from? is it a matter of heaven and hell, or control? does a pit of fire await us that manifest demons into our plane of reality? shall we be rewarded inside this pit of reality for our deeds? is there such thing as true sin? as for the bible, its words are surely not to be taken literal eh? there is much that one would not be able to believe capable of happening here in this world, what is the truth? or rather, your version of the truth? i am well versed in different culturally religious backgrounds, but id like to hear the opinions of those that rise to their power through the occult source, like i strive to. someone must have pondered this question before and brought it up as a topic in one such or another ritual at some point right? so let me hear the answers that you have been taught, or assume! thank you very much everyone. i attach no personal value or opinion to this question, as i do not have one, other than the fact that i strive to become one in many of everyone here, so be as blunt as you care to, you will not offend me in any regard. thank you

Try reading the Kybalion (free online because it’s out of copyright), that answers a lot about the nature of god/the universe, by describing what it IS rather than getting into morality or cultural laws etc.

Basically it’s a huge thinking thing that makes stuff with its mind - and various laws then govern the activity of that stuff. But there’s a bit more to it than that!

It just about sums up my view though because it matches all my UPG & experiences to date, without contradicting them - some thing/realms exist outside/between those laws, but for everyday reality and magick, can’t fault it. Even interactions with the acausal come under the laws wherever we’re involved.

My personal thoughts on this is plentyful. I do not believe that there is a true sin nor do I believe that I am capable of comiting a sin it would be like telling myself I am imperfect which would be a lie. Sin is for thoughs who follows the laws of the spisific riligiouns they follow. I do think the one they call the god is real but not in the way it is beleived to be nor is he the god they make it out to be. His ways is just like an arogant human with power. But he is not the god he is a god. A multy dimentional entity as any other god, demon, angel ect. Heavan another realm as hell. Well that’s my opinion

In my personal opinion there are very little truths in dogma. Truths yes, but with every truth you find you have to dig through a thousand lies. I say who cares how the universe was created, its where we are going with it that matters.

Heaven and hell? Well if places can be created like beings (egregores.) then sure. But they would be for the people who believe in them. I personally believe no such place exist.

Sin? Lol, the concept of sin has not only pissed me off in the past but I also find it humorous. This I would say look to nature. Homosexual animals, raccoons who decapitate chickens unmercifully not even eating the corpse (Indication that it kills for pleasure.), dogs who humps stuffed animals (Masturbation?), ect. Sin does not exist within nature, and we exist within nature so how could sin exist?

for me god is a system of all things and we are one part of it.just consider that our solar system is an atom,our galaxy is a molecule,and all molecules together are the body of the god of this universe.

i like the things im reading here, basically the way i see it, putting all ideas along with my own, it would seem to match up that we are our own god, and we are that which decides right and wrong, not as a whole, but as each individual. we make up our own minds about the things we can do with or without being condemned for, if we believe that we are shameful and full of wrong, our subconscious would take us to a place (for however long our brains view eternity to be) that we believe ourselves deserving of, basically WE instead of our ACTIONS (sins, rights, wrongs, whatever) decide what happens in a “next life” if there even is such a curious thing. on the concept of god being an arrogant being and what not, isnt it seemingly possible that our ancestors of magick “created” this so called being out of want to be the only ones capable of causing such dramatic changes in the world while steering clear of possible problematic people that are in the same regards as themselves, known as magi, or is it a being consisting of all those that we make pacts with as a whole, could god be this entire galaxy or more, as one? i think sin is our own brains telling us, because of our own moral code enforced into our brain since early childhood, our own version of right and wrong, and there is no true sin, because one man may feel pissing outside is utterly wrong, while another man feels like he must piss out of a moving car (i.e. lol, losing my train of thought a bit here) but all in all, wouldnt it make since for each and every one of us the be the entirety of god? or would god be considered the entirety of us? (sorry for the length, ive had alot of detailed thoughts on aloooottt of subjects like this! thanks for reading and commenting, your opinion is greatly valued :smiley: )