What is FAC?

My ubi told me that he is from FAC
The letters where in Hebrew or some kind of ancient font text.
I think he wanted for me to ask you guys , bc he’s a very busy person , he hardly had time to tell that much .
It has something to do with the evil eye ?

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Hopefully this means something to someone, but it’sa reach, there’s no reason random humans would know this and it sounds like you were fobbed off… but it’s a bit of a red flag that when you need him your incubus isn’t forthcoming and is evasive about who he is.

He is the best person to talk about himself, and it’s a bonding opportunity that normally lovers enjoy. If he’s “too busy”, maybe that’s a sign he’s not into it, or he’s not an incubus at all, as that’s not what they’re usually like… maybe it’s time to get an incubus that cares to give you the time that you deserve and pull his weight in the releationship? Just a thought.

The evil eye is a kind of casual curse done by humans on other humans, I don’t know why that would be related?

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I wouldn’t really worry about it and just see where it goes. Usually if you receive something cryptic like that from a spirit it will lead to somewhere if you keep it in mind but don’t really dwell on it too much. It could even just be a way for the spirit to keep him on your mind.

Spirits can’t really be “busy” like humans. It’s not like they have a concretely set in stone location in the astral or have other limitations that humans have. What I’m guessing is more the case is that you are working on your abilities to sense and communicate with this spirit. If you try to do too much in the beginning stages you could end up just deluding yourself out of a craving for the connection.

As long as you are feeling that this connection is a positive thing for you in your life, I’d continue without much concern. Perhaps you will have some dreams about this place, and maybe even interact with the incubus there.

I would avoid being overly obsessive, but this type of magick can open you to pleasures and healing that may be difficult to receive otherwise.

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Given the lack of specificity or details we’ve already seen, it.likely means nothing.

Results, Sarah. Results or those words mean as much as a breeze. I don’t k ow how many times this has to be said.

They either put up or they should shut up.

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Yes I’m aware just checking in with you guys to see if you know anything for yourselves , or if your familar with it , so that I don’t have to wait until I receive my tarot cards or anything other stuff… I’m getting tarot cards sometime this week Soo :+1:.

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