What is divination

I’ve had many more divinations

4 were good, and some were bad, they were all on the same subject.

Is there a reason why readings conflict?

Some readers are crappy or frauds. Or the situation is changing quickly.

And repeated readings on the same situation will often return a kind of diminishing accuracy, like the way an echo gets weaker.

I don’t know why but when I’ve done repeat tarot or I Ching readings for myself on the same subject in that past, that was what happened. On reviewing my notes the earliest reading was always the most accurate.

I trust orisman and guys like that. Sooo, idk.

What was your reason for getting 7 readings on the same subject?

I had a quick look at my notes - when I did this in the past, years ago, it was usually because I didn’t like the first answer. The cards begin delivering gibberish but usually any cards or themes that stayed in place the longest, repeated most often, were the strongest forces or whatever at play on the situation.

Divination’s never an exact science anyway, and repeating a reading is like asking someone the same question over and over - first few times they might give you the full reply, then they’ll just repeat the key words, eventually they’ll stop bothering to make any sense.

Something like that happens on the internet if you go bug a forum of knowledgeable people with the same questions over and over… I’m not recommending you try that but I’ve actually seen things like it happen here, and elsewhere.

I have no idea whay that happens with tarot etc., but it’s what I found at least.

And as Euoi said, situations can change as well, especially when other people’s choices are at the heart of the issue.

[quote=“Mider2009, post:4, topic:3762”]I trust orisman and guys like that. That’s why 5 were good only 2 were bad.

You can tell a guy likes divination when he had 4 or more decks.[/quote]

What are you calling good or bad? A happy reading that turns out wrong is still a bad reading. Accuracy is whats important, anyone can tell you what you want to hear. Have any of the predictions come true?

[quote author=Mider2009 link=topic=3881.msg48942#msg48942
Is there a reason why readings conflict?[/quote]

The Uncertainty Principle? Can’t observe something without changing it.