What is death?

I’ve been pursuing a small scale pathworking necromancy. In this time, it didn’t take long to meet the actual Spirit of death, the Grim Reaper if you will.

What I’ve learned, in the short time that I’ve been doing this, is that dead has no animosity towards anyone, and is, for lack of a better term, an equal opportunity entity.

It’s been my pleasure, indeed my honor, to have been face to cloak with this mysterious entity, and what I have been told is that death is indeed love.

Death is not an entity with any malice, with no hate, with no ill-will at all, death is love, and Death loves life so much that death rescues living beings who have been too injured or have become too old to be able to enjoy their lives and it gives them the chance to either become a part of everything and let their energy dissipate into the universe, or, begin a new in a new life.

Necromancy is a truly unique field of magic, but what you can learn, even in the short time that I’ve been pursuing this path working, is incredible! The amount of knowledge that can be gleaned from working with the dead is basically Limitless, for the dead have access to unlimited amounts of knowledge, Limitless power is available at your fingertips, both like any other well-versed Necromancer will tell you, knowledge, is indeed power, but knowledge and power have a cost.

The entire point of this post, is to tell you, that guess is not to be feared, for death does not fear, death does not hate, and death does not have any ill will towards the living, death is love.


Damn, I actually agree with that. I guess that is why immerse myself heavily to necromancy. Not to mention the visions that you get when you get into it, it´s outstanding to say the least. The thing with the visions is they can come to you in the middle of the night too. And yeah, knowledge and power do have a cost but not many people realize that.

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Mhmm :ok_hand:


Touched by an angel … of death???

Pardon my ignorance, but who’s the guy? And what does he have to do with the post?

He’s the angel of death or representation. Didn’t you ever watch that show? Touched by an angel?

Their depiction of Satan as a car mechanic was hilarious.

I was responding mostly to this quote:
“Death loves life so much that death rescues living beings”

People don’t understand whenever I say that I’ve been out of touch with pop culture for decades even though I am only 36 years old.

I’ve never seen Touched by an Angel, I didn’t realize that Walker Texas Ranger had been canceled, I didn’t even know that the Oilers as a football team had been disbanded.

None of it is interesting, television misrepresent everything in the Paranormal as being either super fluff bunny, or entirely evil. It’s all entirely based around the false Christian cult, and it doesn’t ever show the positive sides of possession.

Television and movies will make you think that all these spirits that we work with are freaking evil, and that possession is a painful, terrible thing for a person to undertake. Not to mention the depiction of death as being something to be feared, a malicious entity that seeks the destruction of humanity at all turns, an entity completely devoid of love, kindness, or compassion.

I am a seeker of Truth, and I’m also a teacher, a teacher of the so-called dark path, I am one who seeks to enlighten, and after being burned by Lucifer’s light, I want nothing more than for the rest of the world to experience that light.

So, no, I haven’t seen Touched by an Angel.

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I haven’t heard of ‘Touched by and Angel’ either - I don’t have TV, I have to make a point of streaming something if I want to catch up.

This pretty much matched my feelings about a personified death. Although most of the time, I don’t see death as a being but a transition.

Neil Gaiman’s Death of the Endless is a nice version. She’s very kind and wise.

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It wasn’t a great show and I only saw a few reruns a year ago on some digital tv box channel that replays oldies. Now, that box is broke so no more tv. Ah well, you ain’t missing much. It’s mindless drivel.

Yes, Death=Change.

Me too. I’m 25 and have been out of touch with pop culture for over 5 years…