What is an Odic Force?

I searched on the internet about Odic Force and got only theoretical articles about it. It says that it is a magnetic force in contrast to Actinic force.
A couple of years ago I read a book(cannot recall which book) and there the author mentioned about the Odic Force. There he wrote about how Odic Force can be used to breathe life force into a sigil/statues/talismans/charms to make it a living entity and to do our bidding. He also mentioned that we need to be familiar with the Odic Energy and we must be an expert in channeling only the Odic Energy/Force from the atmosphere/environment/Universe according to our will.
Our environment and the Universe is full of mixture of forces. The air we breathe in contains lots of positive as well as negative energies. In this mixture, we find Odic, [Yin(Female/negative), Yang(Male/Positive)]Chi, Prana, etc. etc. but from these pool of forces, it is possible to filter out only the purest from of a particular Energy/Force according to our requirement.

So the question is, how do we channelize a particular energy(Here, the Odic Force)?
Does anyone know anything about it? Does anyone practice channeling Odic Force?
Please Help!!

If I am not mistaken, this is Od, also known as Wyrd, or what the Kabbalists call Avir. Its a force that is present everywhere and flows through all things, connecting all things. The Kabbalist take it a step further and define Avir as the unformed Universal Energy whereas when it is taken into the body it becomes formed, Ruchaniyut. If it is the same thing that you are referring to then you can use a series of breathing techniques or use pore breathing which is what I was initially taught. However just to point out this is not a force that is “air-bound” so to speak, its a tangible force that is more magnetic. Difficult to put into words, but when I was learning Kabbalah one of the exercises that I was given was to pore breath it into my body and then to form it between my hands by pushing it out of the palms and letting it collect between them so that you could actually feel it. It’s quite exciting, first time I ever felt an invisible force, its like holding a beach ball between your hands as you press on it, it causes resistance.

Visualisation is the main method, you soon get a feel for the energies (of any type) that you’re channelling, but you start with a creative act of intentional and focused visualisation.