What is acausality?

Hello E.A.,

In the thirteenth section at the end of your soul travel course, you mentioned acausal reality and the dark gods, then changed the subject. This is a topic of some interest, could you please elaborate upon what the acausal is? How does it intersect with/relate to this world, and how might an individual interact with or experientially understand acausality?

@ShivasyaTrishula Both “the acausal” and “dark gods” are ONA terms I believe.

It’s used in their Star Games. I think it might be related to cause and effect chains, but I’d probably be wrong in that.

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@Fuego It’s the ONA’s term for the magickal I believe. In the sense that magick isn’t limited by time and space in the same way. The use of the term “dark gods” seems to make that the most plausible interpretation. It’s an interpretation that would make sense given that many people have said that EA used to be related to that order.

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In my experience this is correct.

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@Fuego Codex Aristarchus uses exactly the same terms if you want to look into it. That is not a book recommendation. I am simply stating where I’ve seen those terms before.

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If you read the Kybalion (as a working model of things, not as a dogmatic tract) you’ll understand 7 principles which affects all energy as it condenses into forms, and them matter - one of these is Cause & Effect. And of course that gets a bit wonky in quantum physics, the study of the raw matter of creation, though there is still a cause and an effect, they just seem a bit strange.

Transcending cause > effect chains is something you can access to kind of “hack” a higher level of godlike power.

It might be defined differently by the ONA though, that’s just how i work with it.


Brilliant thanks I’m reading the kyballion and Michael w. Ford,. And a link 09A