What is a magician to do

When they find there is no present or future in sexual or other relationships for them?
Just a simple fact. I could have had a few good relationships, but that is unlikely now, ever, just as exes wish.
So be it.
So what now? Fuel all energy into learning magic … To work toward a level of Magus? How long will that take if four hours minimum can be put into daily practice?
Just to clarify, I am no longer looking for a better half, just a best me.


Usually when you stop looking that’s when they find you.

But I get it. Kinda at the same place


Not really interested any longer, with five long years of horseshit, and loss, through my own doing.
If it finds me, Ill simply tell it to fuck off.


It’s not really advice regarding your question but generally most people aren’t even worth it


Find the most powerful spirit you can, maybe a goddess, whose attributes appeal to you, wife them up!! :thumbsup:


Is that even an option? I didn’t know spirits would be interested in a romantic relationship with humans.

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Plenty are, many of us on here have some kind of spirit relationships, with or without the option of having a human spouse or lover/s… and there’s a whole field of incubus/succubus love as well.


I suppose if I have four hours minimum daily to do the work, I guess for starters I will find the similarities and general magic principles among HOGD, AA/OTO, OAA, ONA, TOS, COS, ODR, and so on, merging all book material, trying other world systems, and so on.
365*4=1460 hours.
What level could that put me at within the year?
Then there must be self improvement every single day in every area of life.
I also need to take care of every detail in anything, mundane or magical.


God-tier OCD? :wink:

Seriously take a little time to have fun and be chill, or you’ll end up crazy and burned out. :thumbsup:


Too late :wink:


You could get far, but you could also get nowhere. It’s not about the amount of time we spend on magic, but what we learn from it and what we do with the things we learned.

You could spend a lifetime on specific things and learn nothing. You could spend a brief moment, and learn the most valuable thing there is.


Maybe you just need a break and become a grouchy old before your years workaholic bugger until some delightful youngish thing gets under your skin and sees stars in your eyes from a past life and fantasises constantly about dragging you off to her velvet lined cave… Hmmn?

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@HermesHorse … thanks but nope … I’m done messing myself and women’s minds, hearts, and lives up.



Ah it is yourself you don’t trust? Perhaps the greatest romance needs to be with yourself?

I need to go and retrieve what is left of my greenhouse from the vineyard…

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