What is a good, simplified method to work with demons?

Someone I have read, does meditation on the Enns, adds 1 drop of his blood on the sigil and then states his request, naming the demon and he sees good results.

What is your take on this or do you have an alternative, simplified method?


Sounds like a simply way to me :slight_smile:
I’d only say don’t give blood if you don’t have a relationship with the Daemon; it’s very personal so not on the first date :wink:


Demon dating hotline.


I actually wanted a business relationship, not a date :yum:
But for real… Anyone, other ideas? What is your take on Enns?

I think it was a metaphor, not to be taken literally, and it’s accurate, in my estimation.


An enn is the demon’s personal phone number so it’s pretty much essential and the bare minimum IMO

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You mean sigil? … most daemons don’t have enns, since those are unique to demonolatry.
You just need an energy signature somehow, whether it’s a sigil, seal, enn, chant, or the feeling you got around the nameless one that newly contacted you in dream that you have yet to find the name for.

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Yes, sigils. My bad

How long has he been practicing?

He’s making an awful lot of deep links there, it seems as @anon48957109 says, not something to give out freely - to be crude, that seems a bit like a hot girl moves to a new school and blows all the top athletes in her first week trying to be popular. It may not last. :laughing:

I think people new to magick often do extreme and rather foolish things, then they backfire, and MAGICK gets a bad rep, rather than it being simply the “doing foolish thngs” part getting the blame.

If someone wanted to get in shape, and chose to take amphetamines and vomit up anything they ate, the bad consequences would not mean getting in shape is a bad goal, it would just be that person’s attempt to use the wrong methods, because those methods looked really fast and enticing.